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My name is Manuel Cheta (call me Manny) and I studied engineering at Romanian University Transilvania. I am fascinated by the usual things that surround us and that hide technical wonders.

Also, as a kid I’ve grown up with video games and simply loved to play long hours. I still do with shooters and RPG’s like FarCry and so on.

I’m not new to blogging. My other blog,, is almost five years old but it’s in Romanian only. As an IT geek I like to do freelance work with WordPress theme mods on Elance and I have a full job as a technical support for e-commerce shops at Spring Merchant.


FTC advertisement regulations apply only to US resident bloggers and, as I live in Romania (Eastern Europe), I do not have to comply with their rules. However, I will disclose ties because I like my readers to know that I want to build an empire of gold using my blogging abilities. I write for free about many things I like, but occasionally I get free candies, T-Shirts, products, ponies, free massage, or loads of money for some of the posts I write here.

When I receive something free like a trip, product, service the post will contain the words “I got a free… to review, play, eat, whatever”.

If I receive money then I will mark the post as [Sponsored Post]. If I receive money for a post, but the advertiser does not want me to use dedicated wording to say outright that it is a paid post, then they will pay 50% more than usual. That means that on some paid posts you might not see the disclaimer or be identified as such. To be safe, just assume that all posts are paid. Consider that for each post I spend at least 1 hour researching info or selecting subjects to post and that is a cost too.

I present weekly a free or paid ebook from Tradepub (where I am a partner), the leading resource of ebooks and white papers in the World. You can see my dedicated page here. If you like reading ebooks and like to support this blog, please subscribe and also check my dedicated page on ebooks and download any you like. Thanks!

Cookies: I use cookies to get visitor data and then build reports in Google Analytics. I am not sharing any of the commenter’s emails with any third-party.

ONE THING TO NOTE: I will write posts where I am compensated in any way ONLY if I like their service and it is along the lines of this blog (tech, science, education). I personally write the posts for each of these advertisers and the opinions are my own. Even If I get paid for a service, that won’t mean I will close the eyes on faults of the product/service.

Other info and contact

Other pieces of information can be found on my online summary or in my Linked in CV. If you want to contact me you can do so using this contact form or email me at manny[at] Thank you!

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