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YouTube to GIF: GifYouTube

GifYouTube allows you to insert a YouTube video url and then select a start time for the GIF. Then you select the time range in seconds and you’re done: you have your GIF. The gif from above is from this ICE Bucket Challenge video. I wrote a while back about the ALS challenge.

You can see my GIF online here or simply watch the GIF in this blog post 😀

Via Presurfer.

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Tech news that you need to read: software patents, German link war, YouTube as a mobster and a confession from a tech journalist

Ok. The title might be longer than the actual blog content, but who cares? I have a huge stack of blog posts ready so I need to cut to the chase and let you know that you need to read these articles to get a better view of what the web is going through right now.

So, here are these news in a couple of phrases:
1. “Abstract ideas” cannot be used for software patenting anymore – while this ruling is fairly narrow it gets us closer to shutting down software patents sometime in the future. Basically, the US supreme Court has decided that abstract ideas that are created into a computer environment cannot be patented. That means that something like an escrow, a means of enforcing the settlement of debts in a multi-party financial transaction, cannot be a software patent. Finally!

2. There is a German war against the link in Google’s SERPs – Jeff Jarvis reports that the German publishers want to ask Google for some money because Google is showing the links to their websites in its SERPs. Do you know what? Why doesn’t Google simply deleted those guys from the index? Fair and square.

3. Youtube is behaving like a mobster – independent music creators are asked to sign some contracts with YouTube and pay YouTube some money if they want to see their videos online. Bad, YouTube, bad. Why? Because YouTube already has a ton of gains from the visitors that come to the site, search for the independent singer and then make views which, in turn, can be monetized via the ads YouTube runs. I say that the independent producers should NOT give in.

4. An ex-Venture Beat journalist confesses: it was hard, but I learned many things – she wrote almost 1700 blog posts for Venture Beat in more than 2 years. That is a lot considering she had to do a lot of meeting and phone calls each day and she had to write about five blog posts a day. That is a lot. She gave some pieces of advice: when you want to contact a journalist or a blogger for that matter, make sure you have something really interesting to tell.

5. Bonus: All About Yahoo’s DMARC Reject Policy – DMRC rehjection policy means that if someone sends you an email using an email address and the server that sends that email is NOT an Yahoo server, then all major email providers will simply reject it. This will reduce a big chunk of the spam that is out there and that uses addresses. A good thing, but with some downfalls. Read the full article to know more.

That’s it for now, folks.

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Watch out for YouTube phishing attack

Minute Physics explains what happens when you receive a strange email asking you to update your account, DON’T. You need to be very careful as the hackers send over emails that seem to be from Youtube and which seem to send you to a Youtube page, but look at the browser’s address bar and check the url.

Make sure to:
– check any email that asks for your details and do not click on any links
– check the url of the pages where you login to
– do not open suspicious emails

If it is some random ip, then you are under a phishing attack. Watch out!

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Learn some YouTube secrets: easter eggs unveiled by Buzzfeed

The good guys at BuzzFeed have created a short video about the nice easter eggs Google has put in this video service. I player a while around with them and they are really neat. I do have a question: were do we find a list of more of these easter eggs?

For now here are the easter eggs from Youtube. Just type these in YouTube’s search bar:
– use the force luke – move the search results with the pointer
– 1980 (when a movie is playing) – play an old arcade game
– / geek week – see the search results page in a geeky minimalistic way
– beam me up scotty – beam the search results to the page
– &pow=1&nohtml5=1 (ad this to the video url and press enter to show a cartoon version of the video)
– doge meme – see the cute dog meme


Just because: Expialidocious by Pogo

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means fantastic and is the longest ever word in English language. And I love it.

In my early days online, when I first had a blog, I discovered what Pogo has done with his Expialidocious video: magic. I loved that song and today I was remembered of it., Enjoy:

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Q&A with CGP Grey: find out more about the YouTube superstar

I love the videos CGP Grey creates as they are thorough, packed with information and they explain almost impossible entanglements in social and political world . He also explains daylight saving time, Vatican City, How EU is built, Why Netherlands is so complicated and Why Canadian pennies cost more to make than they’re worth.

Now some facts about CGP Grey: his channel has now 1 million subscribers, he works entire weeks for a single video, he creates several versions of each video and then uploads only one of the to YouTube, the basis of his videos is the script, he listens to podcasts while creating the animations, he likes to be a one-man army, he posts a new video every 5 weeks or so and thinks that people should change their opinions if there is enough proof that those opinions are not ok.

See more in the video from above.

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Learn more about Hank Green, from SciShow, one of my favourite geeks

Hank Green, from SciShow and CrashCourse, and probably a gazillion other educational geeky channels, is one of my favourite geeks, in the same line as Vsauce, Minute Physiucs, ASAP Science, CGP Grey, Head Squeeze and many others.

He had a tough life in school, like many geeks, and now he is an internet superstar. The guys that bullied or made fun of him because we is a geek surely regret their actions now. And they better be because geeks changed the world. Remember Bill Gates or any other guys like him?

In the interview from above Hank Green told The Good Stuff that he is also a big fan of the mongol history. Why? Because Genghis Han protected the intelectuals and used them to construct better weapons and tech. Being geek was surely a great thing by that time and now too.

On the geeky side The Good Stuff explains how you can fight with some scifi&fansasy cliche’s of all times: alien invasion, wizards, magic amulets and being in a virtual world.

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NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody) hits the web hard

Gangnam Style, from PSY, has killed all the stats on YouTube with over 992 million views. Many have started doing Gangnam style parodies and some of them are quite interesting like the one above. NASA Johnson Center students have created the video from above. ++1 from me.

Via [Mike Massinimo].

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The Best Science YouTubers in one place, by Sixty Symbols

If you like science and technology you cannot miss a couple of YouTube channels out there: Vsauce, ViHart, Veritasium, Minute Physics, C.G.P. Grey, Destin and, of course, Sixty Symbols.

You Won’t see the story of VSauce, but you will see a bit of the things that drive these people into making these great videos and explaning us their passion. All in all, these guys are la creme de la creme of YouTube. subscribe to them all and be ready to learn a ton of new things.

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Entering The Stronghold – Psychedelic particle simulation [video]

Watch only in HD. Entering The Stronghold is a psychedelic music video featuring particle simulation. As a part of the video art Matthias Müller is doing it is damn catchy. I have it on repeat now for more than half an hour.

Please don’t try to give it a meaning. Simply enjoy it. Thanks to One Cool Thing A day for sharing this on their blog. Below is another short video. Again, awesome! Have a nice w/e start, y’all.