Think Like a Hacker for Better Security Awareness

Today I introduce a weekly series of free ebooks and publications from TradePub that help mostly the B2B companies, but are also useful for everyone who wants to learn more about a wide variety of domains.

Although you can select from dozens of fields in my dedicated page (yes, I am partner), I will publish a few words weekly about the papers that I like.

In the short white paper named “Takes One to Know One: Think Like a Hacker for Better Security Awareness” you can read about the importance of a security culture in your company and that accessing social media websites at work can be potentially dangerous.

I work in a tech company too, and we offer tech support and webdesign for ecommerce platforms, and security if one of the top priorities. If you leave your desk for any reason you have to start the protection screen and only if someone inserts the pass can see what you have on your desktop. Yes, even if we go to toilet for a minute, the log-off screen will be used.

What I saw interesting in this paper (very short one, be warned) is that almost half of the enterprises have seen an increase in malware infections due to social media sites accessed at work. One of the main reason: click on links that send them to bad places.

I found it also hilarious that the most used password is “password1”. Really?! Come on man, people can do better than that. Also, more than a quarter of the IT companies have high level professionals that have fallen victims to malware in one way or the other.

As a side note, please check this password tool to create the best password EVER. Read this white paper created by Trust Wave, the leading provider of compliance, Web, application, network and data security solutions delivered through the cloud, managed security services, software and appliances.

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