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SciShow: what is energy?

Energy can be found everywhere and in many forms. In the same way as the existence of matter, energy as existed since the dawn of the Universe. It is a constant quantity in the Universe: nothing gets lost, but only transformed.

Energy is the ability to do work and mass and energy are the same thing. Remember E=mc^2? Energy can never be created, but only transferred. Also, it seems that we are 98% energy. Veritasium created a great video about mass that really needs to be watched: if mass is energy, it means that the trees are full of energy?

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Learn what energy is with Bill Nye, The Science Guy

Bill Nye, one fo the greatest educators of our times, explains in this old video what energy is. Many know that energy is conserved, that you can’t make or destroy energy, that is transforms and that ii is equal with the work done by a force that needs to move an object for a given distance.

But what is energy?

Energy is an abstract concept, a “thing” that is conserved, a mathematical way to track transformations and interactions. It is a numerical value that describes some phenomena.

You can also read what energy is here and also see some extra explanations int he video from below: