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Meet real-life Wall-E

Tested, a You/Tube channel created by Adam and Jamie, from Mythbusters, featured recently a video abotu a life-size Wall-E robot. It is not an autonomous robot, but it looks pretty good.

The creators, geeks that love robots and are part of the Wall-E Club, led by Mike McMaster, have worked tirelesly to shape the robot from the pictures they have seen int he Pixar movie. Mike, who has created the chassis and the tracks, can steer Wall-E with two remote controllers: one for the tracks and one for the head. The robot looks pretty darn impressive and it was created in about 3 years by geeks that love this robot. The first drafts were created in 2007.

The robot is right now in Bakersfield, Cali (USA) and has a solar cell, plus a custom made motherboard with Ardruino on it. A couple of recordings make Wall-E seem pretty much like the one from the movie.