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Mindblow #87:

Kevin, from Vsauce2, has a new selection of science, tech and amazing stuff that needs to be shared all over the web. You can find out about augmented reality glasses, that lets you manipulate virtual objects by superimposing them over images from your surrounding.

You will then be able to play chess or Minecraft with your buddies in your own house.

Also, jetpack for runners. Never thought that such idea could be possible. It seems that such a small jetpack can help a runner run 1 mile in over 5 minutes and will help anyone run a mile in 4 minutes in the future.

You will find out about smart headlights right at the end of the video. Those headlights shoudl adapt to any condition and make sure they offer the best lighting for you and for other crossing your way. Neat, huh?

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Learn about 5 ancient medical treatments with Vsauce2

Interestingly enough, medicine have come a long way since the days of the shamans or of bleeding as a practice to treat whatever ailment you’d have. Kevin from Vsauce2 shows us 5 ancient treatments they used back then and how were they performed.

Bleeding was one of those methods and it stuck with the then-day doctors up until the 19th century. Regular people or kings, all were bled to death according to astrology calenders. You may find with some surprise that this was a highly valued method as bleeding was seen as a purifying method widely accepted. You can read more about such methods in the book called An Underground Education: The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew out Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, and Other Fields of Human by Richard Zachs. Great book, read it, love it.

Other old ways to treat illnesses were:
– trepanning – drilling a hole into the skull to let the evil spirits out
– enema – doing rectal purges using animal parts as tubes
– smoking – was used during the London plague
– smelling foul gases – during the London plague was used to ward off the plague as they believed that bad gases brought it in the first place.

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Meet PL-01: the IR invisible tank will stealthily deliver your death

The Polish have done it: they have created an IR invisible tank that also looks sleek and has a lot of automatic defense and offense modules. The PL-01 concept is a tank that relies heavily on new tech and senzors to outsmart the enemy. One of the coolest things is that it has an rocket auto-loader in the hull and that it’s armour does not let heat get out making it invisible to the IR detectors.

Also, the armour is absorbing radio signals, making it invisible to radio detectors. More details can be obtained about the tank in this YouTube description. Below is only a part of the description:

Design Polish tank direct support created by OBRUM in partnership with the British BAE Systems. A model of the vehicle was unveiled at International Defence Industry Exhibition September 2 2013. According to the assumptions of designers full prototype to be completed in 2016, and mass production is scheduled to begin in 2018.

Layout PL-01 is very similar to the standard of the main tanks . Driver takes place on the front of the vehicle and an unmanned turret is mounted on the back. The interior fit the commander and gunner, in addition to the rear of the fuselage can carry four soldiers.

Vehicle armor is a wielowartstwowa, modular ceramic coating aramid, which is designed to provide the same protection as standard NATO STANAG 4569 Annex A, at 5 + within the front hemisphere of the hull and turret. Additional armor panels mounted on the turret and hull are designed to provide full protection against cumulative projectiles. Vehicle hull provides protection against improvised IED cargoes and landmines in accordance with the standard Stanag 4569 Appendix B at the 4a and 4b. The whole vehicle is covered with radio absorbing material.

via Youtube.

Check the actual tank, or better said, Direct Support Vehicle, specially designed for urban warfare, below:

I found about this tank thanks to Mindblow #81:

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Robotic hand IH2 Azzurra Hand from Prensilia and ERO, concrete recycling robot

Mindblow from Vsauce2 is a series of videos where you find out what new cool things and techs can be seen on the internet. Some of these things include a urinal sink, a urinal combined with a sink, or a face recognition system that lets you buy just by using your face.

The most intriguing among the topics in this Mindblow video is the robot hand from Prensilia which can grasp object like humans would do, it has a human sized hand and fingers. It has advanced sensing ability and precision.

This hand can be used in various robots and also for amputees where they can have a better control over their life. See the video from below for other details:

Now comes ERO into play: it is project about a concrete recycling robot designed by Omer Haciomeroglu for Umea Institute of Design. ERO uses water jets to crack the concrete surface to disassemble concrete and sucks up the mixed debris. It cleanly separates the waste mixture and packages the cleaned material.

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Lut #28 from Vsauce 2 tell us about Hypnocube and more

Want to know what new things you can buy to make your life and room more interesting? Newest Vsauce2 recommendations, dubbed LUT #28, show of some cool or amazing things: the Enter doormat, cook some burners with Solsource – a device that uses Sun’s radiation to cook the food for you, a Grumpy cat coffee cup, PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator – good for powering up your phones, Hypnocube 4Cube 3D Animated Display, Obtanium Wallet or Classic Books Tablet Covers.

Subcribe to Vsauce2 for more such videos and cool pop-culture videos only a click away. Have fun.

Do you have some suggestions of cool things people could buy?