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How does a rainbow look like for a dog? Blue and yellow!

Vsauce 2 presents a couple of neat facts about dogs in episode #4 of Through Glass. Dogs can see in color, but only in blue and yellow, as they have only these two cone cells in their retina, dogs bark because humans have taught them to do so and puddles had their hair cut off […]

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Vsauce2: these 9 weird drinks will stun you

Ever tried Kidsbeer, a drink designed to look like a beer, but created for kids and tastes like cola? Try also: liquid smoking, gau jal (drink with cow urine), kumis (horse milk alcohol), pizza beer, water salad, ice cucumber, bilk (beer + milk), snake wine, magical penis wine (China, of course). Thinking of that last […]

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Vsauce 2 tells us about deadly plant in FAK #30

What makes deadly plants deadly? Toxic substances in only small amounts that can lead to a compelte heart stop or the brain to simply block. not a great picture. Some of the deadly plants are: Gympie Stinging Tree, Giant Hogweed, Angel’s Trumpet or Castor Oil Plant. They all kill humans due to the toxic substances […]

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