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Asteroid to hit Earth? This is how it would look like

Asteroid just a few miles big can leave a big scar on Earth and kill entire species, but if that asteroid would be a dwarf planet like Pluto? How would the impact be?

Well, everything would die in a big ball of flame. In that situation maybe nothing could ever survive. Or would it survive?

Via IFL Science.

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Hyperlapse: Microsoft’s take on first person videos is awesome

Microsoft Research has a super-project in which you take the videos someone is taking with their camera and then create a seamless time-lapse video. Hyperlapse is a time-lapse video in which the frames were created to flow continuously one form another in such a way that the camera swings are reduces to a bare minimum.

So, if you film a ton of stuff with your hand held camera and also shake it a lot, you can use Hyperlapse processes to create an ubercool looking time lapse video. Some things don’t stop to amaze me.

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Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey – full track of songs on iTunes, video on Hulu

TechRock, on YouTube, stitched together all the songs from the iTunes album called Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (Music from the Original TV Series), Vol. 1 and posted the video with these songs.

Cosmos, now presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson, brings you through an adventure of knowledge, through space and time, from the beginning of the Universe to the start of life on Earth and the creation of science, a much needed discipline in the world of knowledge.

Watch Cosmos on Hulu and buy the songs on iTunes.

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If Google was a guy – part II, hilarious video

The guys at Geeks are sexy shared the second part of If Google was a guy and it’s the way I expected it. Really.

If you had a person in front of you, would you ask the dumb questions you’re asking Google? Don’t think so.

Have fun with the first part too 😀 The guys at College Humor are behind these insane videos.

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Fashion in free fall? Why not? Basejumpers show off fashion wares in the air!

Go Pro presented a video in which fashion wares are shown off during a free fall of basejumpers. We have in there Roberta Mancino’s love for basejumps and fashion clothes presented in a video where basejumpers Giovanni Silvestri, Andrey Karr, Luca Tondelli, and Maurizio Di Palma do their best.

They jumped from Italy’s Monte Brento looking fresh and stylish in Roberto Cavalli high end clothing. Go Pro cameras were there to record this for the fashion history books. High class clothes that are truly at big heights!

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Mesmerizing video mix from Pogo: I want

The guys at Geeks are sexy shared a great video created by Nick Bertke aka Pogo. He started making this video mashup back in 2009, but then he reworked it recently to give it a new vibe.

The sound is awesome and the video is also incredible. You cannot not like his videos. This particular one is created by using sequences of scenes from movie Willy Wonka.

Check Pogo on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

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Trippy video from Cyriak: chimpnology [cannot unsee]

When you hear about Cyriak you know it’s gone see a mind blending video. nothing life changing, just that it is awesomely… peculiar 😀

This WFT of the day is a very strange video that will haunt you all day. And i’m glad i helped you get out of a bored Monday by sharing this… thing that you cannot unsee! Have fun!

And, oh, no matter how long those monkeys will type in there, they won’t write that goddamn Shakespeare literary work!

Via Geeks are sexy!

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Alien worlds: see a match head burning at 4000 fps

UtraSlo is a channel where you can see things happening at ultra slo-mo speeds. At 4000 fps you will actually spend about 153 seconds to watch a 1 second burn or explosion.

The match head burns completely in just over 1 second and thus you will be able to watch more than 2 minutes of alien awesomeness. You will never look at a burning match they way you did before watching this video.

Link. Thanks Dorin for sharing!

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What aerial drones can do: amazing video of surfers doing their thing in Hawaii [video]

Pipeline Winter 2013 is one of the greatest videos of this week. It features surfers from Hawaii fighting with the waves and eventually riding them. A DJI quadcopter and a Go Pro camera were used by Eric Sterman to create this video.

Truly inspiring and it makes you wonder why I do not have such a drone in my home NOW?! Such a drone costs about $500 on Amazon. See (my affiliate) link DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro

Do you use such a drone? What do you do with it?

Via BusinessInsider.

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Awesome :)) If Google was a guy!

That is just awesome. You wouldn’t ask the questions you do if you were in front of a guy called Google. Being in front of your monitor seems just cool, but wait until you see how you sound when you ask Google, the guy, directly.

This is hilarious 😀

Via College Humor.