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Nintendo Rhapsody – ballad of video games we love

This Nintendohemian Rhapsody, as Geeks are sexy and its creators named it, shows a chunk of the history of games we played long ago on Nintendo. First video games were using cards and the TV was almost the entire day occupied with Mario or Shoot the Duck. We evolved to new super-graphics games, but those […]

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Saturday geeky presents via Vsauce 3

Vsauce 3 is the channel where geeks feel at home. Video games have inspired an entire culture so they gather all the possible things they can find about video game items and presents and show them in the videos. Such gifts would be nice for each one of your geeky friends. From their selection I […]

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter is ON

The guys at Gamespot say that there are 5 reasons why you should play Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I will tell you only one: it’s an awesome FPS. Since the first time I played a shooter game form the Medal of Honor series I liked it a LOT. Warfighter has insane graphics and great action. […]

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Fallout in The Scream Version [epic photo]

Have you played Fallout? If not, then you have to. Ope world games are my favorite. You build up a complex character, weaponry, relationships and, of course, get to fight many bad guys. The thing is, you may be the bad guy and you may not know it. The beauty of the game is given […]

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