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Surprise: video games don’t cause violent behavior

For all the dumb guys out there thinking that video games cause violent behavior: shut up. Some video games are so violent that you’d expect your kid to go on a rampage each morning and kill dozens. Except, this does not happen.

Why? Because even a 5 yr old kid can tell you the difference between video games and reality. And having bad thoughts doesn’t mean that this will lead to bad behavior.

Finally, someone who thinks clearly. Video games do not cause violent behavior.

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LOL, games journalists hate gamers?

Good to know that Matt spoke about this situation. Game journalists hating gamers is like bike reviewers hating the bikers and so on. What do those games have to do with hating? And, of course, why are gamers the target of such attacks?

I do not agree with Matt’s premise that if you tell a guy that he is bad, like the bloody feminists are saying about “sexist” games, then that guy will become bad. It all depends on what you’re made of, if you’re congruent with your self and so on. So, no matter how much the so called feminists are saying that gamers are bad people, the gamers will do what they have always done: play those freaking games. That is all that counts.

I mean, it doesn’t matter is the feminists are calling gamers sexist and what not, you know a thing: they don’t like it, then they shouldn’t play it or watch it or whatever.

As for the games journalists, if they have never played any game, then they should do something else. Games are art, entertainment, fun, a way to spend great time, so shut up.

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Honest trailer for Assassins Creed 4

Assassing Creed 4 is the new game in the francise that created one of the most difficult games i have even played. Really, trying to fight with the sword against 5 or 7 guys was really hard for me. I guess i shouldn’t dare call myself a gamer, but eh, I played and finished the games.

The above video shows an honest trailer about the last game in the francise: Black Flag. New maps, the same history, good moves and great graphics. I enjoyed Assassin’s Creed III more than the others and I’ll expect IV to be better. Have fun!

Via [Geekosystem]

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Parody: Dong Nguyen explains why he pulled Flappy Bird from the apps directory

Flappy Bird was a catchy game for Apple and Android users which has been pulled down by its creator, Dong Nguyen. It seems that the game took off only recently racking up 50k USD per Day ( see Flappy Bird numbers) from advertising. The game had some fake reviews at first but only recently, in Jan 2014, it had received more reviews and people started playing this game.

I checked a trailer of this game: way too annoying for me, that is sure, but it is addictive and a very hard to play game. In any case, many guys liked this game. that’s why you see that much publicity and ebay opportunists.

Above is a parody made by Slacktory.

Via GeekoSystem.

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30 less known things about video games

Mental Floss has created another great educational video: it teaches us about 30 game changing video games. Nowadays 3D video games show incredibly vivid imagery and awesome physics. You can’t beat a shooter game that allows you to destroy buildings around you 😀

Now, some of the less knows things in regards to the video games (I’m particularly fond of pc games, especially shooters):
– first video game was created in 1940
– Spacewar (1962) was the first game on computer that became popular
– Pong, played on the TV, was very popular by 1975 and video games became a cultural staple
– in 2001 GTA III put sandbox gameplay on the map
– Tetris is the most ported game, available on 65 devices
– Wii Sports was a major innovator because it was incorporating player movements with the game itself

Check more in the video above.

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10 Facts about GTA

Did you know that GTA IV had won a Guiness World Records for the largest voicest? Over 860 fans have participated in lending their voice to the game. In 2008 GTA IV was the most expensive games ever created and in 2013 GTA V is again the most expensive one since it costed them 266 million to build this enormous game.

Don’t worry: they will gain all those money back in less that 1-2 weeks and then they’ll do a ton of profit. They deserve it. Which of these facts did you know?

Via GaS.

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The history behind Assassin’s Creed

When I first started to play Assassins Creed it was very annoying to land between 5-7 foes as it would lock on some of them and I could not escape. And frantically pressing the mouse button and E didn’t worked out either.

I gathered some more courage for the latest installment, which takes place in 1770s (during American Revolution) and I kinda liked the whole thing. Mostly the ship hunting, actually. Since I heard about the fact that the guys at Ubisoft tried to recreate the atmosphere of those times the best they could I wanted to know more about the history behind Assassin’s Creed.

It turn out that the Assassins existed for a brief period of time between 11th and 14th Century, but the Templars still exist as a ideological entity throughout the world today (freemasons, anyone?).


Gotta see this First Person Goomba video

Mushrooms. Many mushrooms have been killed by Mario over the years. Now you get to see the world form a different perspective. A Goomba mushroom gets born, lives its life, gives birth to other mini-goombas and then goes on to fight Mario. And dies! Strange to see this game from the other perspective. Kinda sad to see such fate, muhahaha!

This video was created by Filipe Costa for Machinima Interactive Film Festival. Awesome, as a animation and as scenario and perspective.

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Humble Bundle is here: get 8 games for as low as $6

I am in heaven. Alhough the Humble Bundle (6 days to go from Dec 7th) offers mostly indie games where you pay what you want, THQ has rolled in this year and changed a bit the rules, offering two extra games if you donate more than the average of $5.59. You can donate $1 and still get the following games: Red Faction Armageddon, Darksiders, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

If you offer about $6 then you will get two extra games: Saints Row: The Third and Titan Quest. Dare I say that I awaited the salary as a Holy Day to get these? I am a gamer, albeit an avid one and I found myself often in the situation that I needed to uninstall a game because I played it until 5am and at 8am I had to be@work. Crazy, I know!

I like that I get mostly shooters in this humble pack and I installed Steam instantly. They are waiting to be installed now. First one to play is Metro 2033. The scarcity of weapons, the atmosphere, the post-apocalyptic world, the colors and sounds, and The Librarians make a great start of a week-end.

If you do nto have Steam installed, the go here, click on top right on Install, then doanload and install Steam. Once you paid for the games you will get a link where you can generate the keys. Having the keys you need to fire up Steam in your PC (games are Windows only) and then go to Games -> Activate a Product on steam and then insert your codes. You will see soon the games in the list.

Click on the image below to go to Humble Bundle and get your games. As an aside note, I hate it when Amazon has Deals of the Day with sales of only $20 and for US only. Since I am in Romania I have to pay up $100+ for that game and I have an Amazon account. Not fair!

Via [Geekosystem].

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This is why I love video games

I knew video games are good, but for what? Well, these guys list 10 reasons why playing video games is good for you, but I noticed only these: increased awareness (when I want), a better memory, and people with some illnesses can be helped.

Regarding people with illnesses, like autism, that were helped I want to emphasize the role of computers and iPAD + games on her life: Carly Fleischmann. She is now a celebrity and shines a ray of hope for all affected by autism. There is a chance with them, although they require extra attention. I would not have the patience to stick with such people.

At age of ten Carly reached over to their laptop and typed in “HELP TEETH HURT”. It seems that she was never left with a laptop or taught to work with it. Technology + video games, this is why we love ya!

Via [Geeksaresexy].