GTA V with lightsabers

The Verge has a neat treat for this week-end. They’ve posted an article with the video from above. Now, let us just think through: lighsabers would be really cool in the game. You already are able to withstand ton of bullets hitting you. Why not lightsabers?

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Gaming pc, buyers guide. Bonus: CPU cache and things to try in Fallout 4

Linus explains, once again, what parts you need to use in order to create a gaming pc. Incredibly enough you can build a 1080p gaming pc even with 700 dollars. You can then move one to $1200 and even $2200 to build performance based workstations which can also be used for video processing.

Although my dream gaming pc is a little different now than last year, the basics are the same: you first need to know exactly what for you will use the gaming pc and then decide what to spend money on.

For example, if you want a pc for gaming only, then you can easily use an i5 processor with a good video card. If you also want some processing power for video processing, then an i7 could be a better fit.

Also, will you upgrade each year or will you use the pc for a good while? When I think of a gaming pc I usually try to make it future proof for about 4 years.

A new gaming pc I would build today costs about $3000 and would use a Skylake i7 processor, 32 GB DDR4 @3200Mhz, a GeForce Titan X or a R9 Fury X plus the other parts, among them a Z170 motherboard. Just because.

Also, it is best to buy processors which have the most cache you can get. Why? Because a processor with bigger cache memory can perform more computations/second that one without a cache. Here is why:

As far as games go, Fallout 4 and GTA V are in my top three, although the thought of a new release of Rainbow Six tingles my brain each day. Oh, the joy of destroying everything in your way just to get through the day 😀

What you should definitively do in Fallout 4:

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Is life in Fallout 4 feasible? Science says: YES.

The main theme in the Fallout games is that a nuclear disaster takes place and some lucky people, who paid the right price, were selected to go into the allmighty protective vaults while others have been left out to rot like bugs.

After a while you emerge from one of the vaults only to discover a brave new world of destruction, killing and non-humanity. You’re brought into the game o do more killings and non-humane acts as you go along in order to survive. The game is a game of survival, not one of moral choices, although you’re give such options from time to time.

Anyways, would such a vault help people ride the centuries? Yes. With the tech and science we have today we can recycle the waste, get energy from the ground, have enough light, air and food in self grown farms to last forever.

Watch the video from above why something like this is feasible.

Via Science Alert.


Video games FTW: Warcraft movie to be released in 2016

I’m not particularly a fan of World of Warcraft, but seeing video games turn into full fledged movies melts my heart. None other than a gamer can understand the joy of seeing video games going mainstream as movies.

Now you know: gamers are a force to recon with 😀 Awesome trailer, awesome movie. Can’t wait.

Via Danny.


Fallout Beer in UK. Buy it on Amazon!

Mundane Matt informs us that Carlsberg and Bethesda have worked together to create the Fallout Beer which can be pre-ordered on Amazon. The beer will be released on November the 5th.

Now, that is the first time when a pc video game has gotten its own beer. Ok, it’s not Nuke Cola, but it is pretty darn close. Video games are gathering more and more attention since they do engage millions of kids and adults all over the world. Such a movement cannot be ignored by other consumer industries.

The Fallout Beer 6 Pack costs 29,99GBP and delivery is free in the UK. Also, they are shipping only in the UK. Soon enough I’ll play Fallout 4 while sipping my Fallout Beet. Life is good, people!

Click on the image below and go get your Fallout Beer:

Also, check Top 10 video games which will be released this November:

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Learn about Acer Predator X34 Gaming Monitor from Linus

When it comes to gaming hardware I always look up to Linus and Jay to get all the updated info and reports on upcoming video carts, motherboards, CPUs and overall advice on how to use them.

In the video from above you Acer Predator X34 Gaming Monitor Linus explains why he likes this piece of hardware so much:
– cable management
– 34″ curved display
– IPS panel
– 3440x1440px rezolution
– G-Sync
– it can be overclocked from 60Hz to 100Hz
– DP and HDMI ports
– good color accuracy
– anti-glare coating

The price is about $1300 so you need to think this through very very carefully. 😀

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What is HBM, the new memory type used in video cards [High Bandwidth Memory]

GDDR5 is history. Or at least it will be history, as HBM, High Bandwidth Memory, is able to provide at least two times more throughput than its predecessor. GDDR5 is over 7 years old now and has the memory chips attached directly to the video card’s PCB, around the GPU. If you needed more GDDR5 memory, then you would need more such chips inserted in there and more connections to the GPU.

HBM solves this issue by stacking the memory chips on top of the GPU package, the area that holds the GPU, so it doesn’t need anymore extra space than the GPU already needs. It stacks the memory in 3D RAM dies right next to the GPU which makes communication with it much much faster.

With 4 stacks of HBM you can get about 1TB/s transfer rate. Right now only AMD Radeon R9 Fury series has this type of memory, but many other video cards with HBM will be available soon.

Learn more about HBM memory from AMD.

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Tips and tricks: how to overclock a video card [video]

Jayz2Cents creates another great video for gamers. This time is about how to overclock a video card. I am the guy who usually doesn’t like to get into this king of stuff and thus I usually buy a good video card which can do all the things I want without having to tinker with any overclocking abilities.

What tips and tricks should you follow when overclocking a video card:
– make sure you do overclock because it is an extra headroom that you get for free, much like upgrading your GPU
– use apps like MSI Afterburner to help you overclock AMD/nVidia graphics cards
– try to set the temp as high as possible and don’t touch the core voltage until you see the test benchmark (like Valley Benchmark ) crashing
– for more info and tips check the video

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Video games: how to choose the best video card for your needs?

Jay knows best when it comes to video cards and he knows best not to say you definitively need card X or Y. But he does share some principles you should obey if you want to get the best video game card ever.

In the video from above he outlines thee things you need to look at when searching for video cards:
1. what monitor will you use – use this knowledge to match the graphics card power so that it can handle the amount of info the monitor can display
2. for how much time do you want to use it – if you want to use it for years on end, then choose a graphics card that is a bit more expensive.
3. buy on budget – budgetwise, make sure that when you create a gaming rig where the video card is at least 40% of the price.

In video games the graphics card does all the heavy lifting so you should be careful at those three principles from above.

Also, check out his other video with a review he made about Sapphire AMD R9 285 ITX Compact video card:

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The minigun in video games: an awesomely destructive weapon

It is true that you could not wield that kind of weapon, but a minigun in a shooter game can always make you fight with confidence. When I played Doom 3 the minigun was handy in almost every situation.

In the video from above you can see its history in the world of firearms and how we all use it in video games. Enjoy!