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Wolfenstein, the New Order – i just can’t wait

Wolfenstein: the New Order‘sets the scene in a parallel world where the nazis won the war and the actual action takes palce in 1960. This retro-futuristic-style video game is genius. I played all the other Wolfenstein games too. When I played the first version of this game it was like an eye opener. Now , […]

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Mind bending game: a slower speed of light from MIT Game Lab

MIT Game Lab has the purpose to create games that promote technology and science in a fun way. In A Slower Speed of Light they created a game where you have to collect sphere and, after you collect enough such spheres, you will see a different light around you because you will be moving close […]

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Real life portal sentry turret is a bit scary

WETA Workshop sent a while ago a real life portal sentry turret to Valve HQ. It looks damn realistic and it even makes shooting sounds. Of course, it cannot kill anythiung (yep), but it is interesting to see that an object like that could be actually be built. Let’s hope we won’t see these turrets […]

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