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Germ theory: how scientists found out what makes us ill and saved million of lives

Germ theory is the scientific theory that tells us that some illnesses are generates by viruses, bacteria, parasites and was first inventigates thoroughly and coined by John Snow and Englishman who was doing research on the cholera cases which showed up in London in 1854.

He was helped in 1884 by Robert Koch’s experiments in which he isolated the cholera causing bacteria, demonstrating that those tiny critters were at the base of the illness. This way the germ theory got support and then was demonstrated over and over again as being true and it is at the core of today’s medical establishment.

Good that the miasma theory was debunked and now we can point the fingers to the true cause of some diseases, at leas. Yay, for germ theory.

Note: The video says that Louis Pasteur was the first inventor of vaccines. Not. Vaccines were invented by Edward Jenner in 1790, not by Luis Pasteur. Pasteur invented the process of pasteurisation in which bacteria are killed when food from a recipient is sterilized by inserting in a hot stove for a while.

Learn about how vaccines work in here:

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Why vaccines work?

It is not because we say so. Vaccines work because they were built for this purpose: to prevent diseases. Joe Hanson, Ph. D., explains what vaccines are and how they protect ourselves. Many kids had issues with polio and measles until a few decades back and many of them would paralyze or die because of the illness.

But it seems that some celebrities are telling people that vaccines are bad and thus parents have started to refuse vaccination. As a consequence a measles outbreak could be seen these weeks in the US. Such an outbreak happened only decades ago, but in US the measles were extinct because of the vaccines.

Those dumb-ass celebrities will have the blood of many kids on their hands soon enough for promoting an anti-vaccine and anti-science movement. Guys, whenever you can vaccinate yourselves and your kids.

Let’s rap on vaccine music

The anti-vaccine movement is old and many believe it is ok to be antivax because they don’t want to learn and understand how vaccines work:

Here is also a summary of the components in a vaccine:

Too bad that the measles have done a comeback. Too bad for us all:

Also, measles is only the beginning (via Zoso/ via1) and the anti-vaccine movement has a ton of cash on their side.


Go get a flu shot. Flu season is here.

Some guys told me that they got ill when they got a flu shot. Well, they didn’t got sick, their bodies reacted to the inactivated virus and triggered signals, like fever, to occur, but they were not ill at all.

Go get your flu shot and, if you feel sick, then you need to be thankful that your body works as expected: it mounts a reaction to the inactivated virus. You’ll be fine in no time.


Vaccines and herd immunity

The power of vaccines is three-fold: it prepares your body to fight with a virus/bacteria, it protects others that cannot be vaccinated and, at groups or population level, it blocks the spreading of diseases. Herd immunity is the situation where an entire population is vaccinated and therefore all are protected since there is no way or host that would transmit the disease. Unvaccinated people inside a group pose risks to other even if they are vaccinated. Since vaccines are not 100% successful that means that some might get the disease.

Vaccinate, people, and don’t let kids or elderly die because you refuse to vaccinate.

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2 minutes to understand that vaccines save your kid’s life

It is appalling to see the increase of death among people who could’ve been saved if they took those damn vaccines. People don’t even comprehend what the heck they are doing as they prepare the way for a disaster due to refusal of vaccination.

Vaccination is one of the best things that science has done for us, and earlier form of inoculation existed well before cowpox was used as a remedy for smallpox. In ancient times people would sting other people with some form of puss so that the later ones could gain some strength.

People, vaccinate your kids and the ones around you or you’re gonna die.

Via Upworthy.

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Stephen Colbert takes a stance on anti-vaxers

We know that anti-vaccine movement is doing a hell of a job, literally. Kids have started having diseases that were not an issue a few years ago because some hysteric mothers believe that vaccines are bad. They don’t know the difference between correlations and causation.

As Colbert says it: saying that vaccines caused autism is like saying that when iPhone was introduced the WW2 vets started dying. And the anti-vaxers make some incredible correlations between events in this manner very often. People, vaccinate your kids.

Also see the second part of the video:

Via Bad Astronomy.

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Anti-vaxers got it wrong

Why? Because most of them do not understand how a vaccine works or how the vaccines protected millions of people from death. Of course, overly protective mothers (and along them a ton of bull-shit dads who would know better since you’d expect a man to be more logical in reasoning) have heard that vaccines are bad, that they create autism and other freaking stuff.

Vaccines work by injecting dead or inoffensive viruses or bacteria into your body. Yes, it infects you with dead microbes so that the immune system can analyze those dead microbes and then prepare protection accordingly.

Of course, vaccines do not work 100%, but they saved millions of people and have eradicated some diseases in parts of the world. But now diseases start to re-appear. Why? Because those very same mothers who refuse to vaccinate their kids are exposing everyone else to the illnesses.

Let’s learn about vaccines:

And here is a banner from Refutations of Anti-Vaccine Meme:

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Skeptics, the gatekeepers of scientific truth – learn about the vaccine

Skeptics are those guys who rely only on scientific evidence in order to know if something is true or not. I say that they are the gatekeepers of scientific truth, because many things that sound scient-ish and are sold as absolute truths, are in fact, actions of con mans or simply misguided befiels.

Did you hear about the anti-vaccine movement? Well, this movement kills children because people believe that vaccines are bad and they credit the fact that some diseases have disappeared due to the fact that we clean our bodies more now. That is also true, being clean does help, however vaccines help even more.

See what a vaccine is in the video from below starting at minute 3:00.

So, if you find a skeptic somewhere, take him home. He might save your life!