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Why do leaves turn brown or yellow in fall?

Leaves have a lot of chlorophyll and thus they have a greenish color due to this substance. This substance takes carbon dioxide from the air and with the help of light generates oxygen and glucose. When fall comes there isn’t that much light around and trees start to generate less chlorophyll. Also, by this time […]

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A tree cannot grow more than 130 meters tall

The tallest ever tree in the world reaches up to 115.6 meters high and it is called Hyperion, a coastal redwood. It is taller that Statue of Liberty, actually. The reason why it cannot grow any taller is because water and nutrients do not reach that high up and the peaks that grow above 130 […]

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The rings of the trees offer a wealth of information. Why? [video]

As a new addition to my science and tech channels list, HeadSqueeze TV does not disappoint. From their newest videos I enjoyed most the one from above, about the tree rings. It is a given that we know that the number of rings tells us, actually, about the age of the tree. Five rings would […]

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