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This is how you can break your brain

Tom Scott explains how you can break your brain. By looking at least 15 seconds to the green-red stripes on the screen you can trick your brain into thinking that red is green and viceversa.

This is an interesting, albeit extremely dangerous, thing to do. Nonetheless, you now know that you can trick your brain into switching colors in your mind. And don’t do it, ok?

Via Science Dump.

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The magic roundabout in UK

Tom Scott has a neat series of things you might have never heard about. One of them is the magic roundabout from Swindon, England. That roundabout is a series of small roundabouts at the edge of a bigger roundabout and it all works well.

If every driver pays attention to the regular traffic rules, then we won’t have any issues in using that huge roundabout. Interesting find: bird fly in the same way. They don’t need to know where the entire flock it. They only follow their own path according to its neighbors and the rest is already solved.

More on such roundabouts here.

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Shellshock bug: drop everything now and ask your hosting provider if they updated Control Panel

The sehllshock bug is a vulnerability in the bash program inside Linus servers. Bash is a comand line interface that allows you to run programs and instructions by comand line only. Its like Command in Windows, but for servers. That vulnerability has existed for a long time, but they discovered it just now. Tom Scott explains what it is and what it does.

Ask your hosting provider if they ran the patches so that you won’t see your sites deleted or otherwise compomised.

Read more:
Sucuri about Bash vulnerability
Free Software Foundation about the shellshock bug
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Stay safe, guys!