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LOL. Another great “invention” debunked by Thunderf00t: Triton artificial gill

When you first see the movie you say that something like the triton artificial gill could be possible, but after you hear Thunderf00t explaining it, you know it’s bull. Such a small device cannot be a rebreather as it does not have the required volume and also cannot process the huge amounts of water in such a small space and with such a small battery.

Thunderf00t is an American researcher in Chechoslovakia, working at a nuclear plant, and he has already written a number of scientific papers, one of them being about the explosion of sodium in water.

He also debunked a number of other “inventions”, like the thorium car or solar freaking roadways, so stay close and listen to what he has so say.

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Fighting cancer with tumor ablation?

Thuderf00t’s father has terminal liver cancer and thus Thunderf00t looked into tumor ablation, which is cancer killing by freezing, heating or poisoning the cancer area. He tested an artificial sugar called laculose and saw that it is highly hydrophilic, meaning that it takes up water from the surroundings.

Would laculose help killing off cancer if injected in a tumor area?

Here are his thoughts:

Tumor ablation is basically killing off all the cancer cells by either freezing, cooking or poisoning. The ‘poisoning’ is normally done with ethanol (alcohol), although the reckoning is, the cell killing activity here is by dehydration.
Well all you need to dehydrate stuff is something thats good at absorbing water, and preferably very non-toxic to life.

While visiting my parents, I learned about laculose (a laxative sugar), and intrigued by its action, I looked into how it functioned. Turns out its an ‘artificial sugar’ which the body cannot metabolize. However its also extremely non-toxic.

Could laculose (as a very viscous solution) be used for tumor ablation. My money says yes. The sheer non-toxicity of the substance makes it an ideal candidate. However injected into a tumor, it will very effectively pull out the water from the surrounding material (eg the cancer) killing it.

My Dad probably has terminal liver cancer at this point. At an earlier stage ablative techniques could have offered a better prognosis, but we are probably past that now.
Cancer typically kills you by obstructing stuff, and so Im currently looking at physical ways of preventing that. From someone who always was squeemish around organs, Ive gone to someone who daily does experiments on pigs liver.

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Why sodium explodes in water?

Sodium or Na is a very reactive substance. If you put it in water it will simply explode. Thunderf00t was able to run a research on this and revealed that, when you put sodium in water, it springs up a ton of spikes and reveals more and more of the substance’s body to the water.

Thus you get a chain reaction and a big explosion.

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A super geek present: a Kelvin dropper

A Kelvin dropper is a device that generates electricity by simply letting water pour down through two metal rings. While the setup is fairly complicated, the effect is incredible: you obtain a couple of thousands of volts that generate a spark between two metal balls.

Thunderf00t has created the experiment with minimal cost and it is something we all can do at home. It has to do with the fact that when the water drops in a tiny row you can get a plastic cup that was previously charged with charged particles (electrons, if you generate those via friction between the plastic cup and your hair) and change the course of the falling water.

Did this experiment a couple of times for my friends and they couldn’t believe that water, not being any magnet all all or not having any current through it could be attracted by the plastic cup.

This is science, bro!

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Beer can levitation. Can someone explain this?

Thuderf00t created a simple experiment in which he was able to livetate a magnet over a beer can. First he connected the beer can to a drill and then started spinning that beer can. Once that beer can was rotating the magnet was pushed away from the beer can.

how is that possible? Does anyone have any clue?

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Thunderf00t rant: Quinnspiracy and “If no one does anything, nothing will change.”

You might think why the hell does Thunderf00t pick on the likes of Sarkeesian, solar powered roadways, thorium powered cars and so on. Because if no one does anything, nothing will change. some people believe they are entitles to tell others what to do or think or some of them outright scam others into thinking their ideas are good.

Some criticism is welcome and Thunderf00t does his best to explain with studies, math and any other logical means that those scammers or people who believe in the wrong ideas should behave. We, on the other side, should fact check a ton of things before believing them.

Well done, Thunderf00t.

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Plastic from air? Not so fast

Thunderf00t has his chemistry sniper rifle aimed at the plastic from air hype that claims that a company called Newlight can create plastic from air. Since there is enough carbon dioxide in the air you could theoretically trap it, add water and then burn it to obtain CH2, a base molecule in plastics.

But Thunderf00t asks: if this were true, at what costs? He thinks that these guys don’t even get the carbon from the air int he first place. Most interestingly if they would get it from air, then the energy costs to obtain 1 kg of air plastic would lead to the consumption of 100 kg of fossil fuel used to generate the electricity to make the pump run.

Since we generate over 1kg of carbon each day, Thunderf00t asks why do they obtain so little amounts of plastic in the first place? Even if you would use methane from air, you would still consume way more energy than usual petrochemical processes to obtain that 1 kg of plastic.

If something sound too good to be true, then probably it is.

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Crazy Russian Hacker is suicidal: dry ice will KILL you

Thunderf00t analyzed one of the videos of Crazy Russian Hacker where the later one used dry ice, cooled CO2, to cool down the room he was in. There is a MINOr issue, tough: CO2 from the dry ice becomes a gas that will KILL you.

Watch the video from above for more details.

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Solar freaking roadways: find out why we’re not there yet

Thunderf00t took again the time to bust a myth or to clarify something that has been spread around the internet like a wildfire in the past weeks. It is about the solar roadways described here.

Ok, replacing the entire US roadway system with these intelligent solar panels on which trucks can run year in year out is a daunting dream. And it is still a dream as the costs only for the glass needed for these panels rises up to 20 tillion dollars 20*10^12 USD). That is a heck a lot of money and this is why the inventors got grants only for parking lots, which sounds more feasible.

As much as we like dreamy projects we need to be practical and think of the costs. Otherwise, the idea is neat and it would be fun to see it applied in 100-200 years in the cities of the future.

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Powdered alcohol. As stupid as it gets

Well, as far as they have put it, they being DNews and others, powdered alcohol could be a preferred way to transport alcohol, but since alcohol is liquid, as it melts at -100 degrees Celsius, you would need some other substante to put it in to give it a powdered aspect.

And here is where the trouble starts as that extra substance would occupy a big chunk of the space the alcohol would use and thus you won’t be able to transport as much or get as drunk if you eat/inhale or whatever you do with the same quantity of powdered alcohol as opposed to regular alcohol.

Thunderf00t, a guy proficient in chemistry ie has authored scientific papers in chemistry, explains why powdered alcohol is bull.