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Crickets can tell the temperature: # chirps in 25 seconds/3 + 4 = degrees Celsius

don’t Be dump tells us how to count cricket chirps in order to tell the correct temperature. As crickets are cold blooded animals they depend on higher temperatures to make them move lively and this is why the number of chirps in a given timeframe can tell us how may degrees are. In order to […]

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Physics in 9.9999s: tides, Celsius, time dilation, negative temperature and stars in the sky

Minute Physics has a new series called Physics explained in 9.9999s and these short videos can explain a lot in only a few seconds. Kudos to Minute Physics for this hard work. In the video from above we undertsand that the tides are created by Moon’s gravitational pull. In the video from below we learn […]

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