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Jeff Jarvis: Technoeuropanic, or how Germany leads the technosceptic movement in Europe

If I want to read a good piece of journalistic endeavour, then I read Jeff Jarvis, the writer of What Would Google Do?, an awesome book I have read in 2013 about the corporate policy and changes inside Google, explains why Germany is leading a technosceptic or, dare i say, a technophobic movement in Europe by targeting Google and Uber.

In this article Jeff reminds us that Germany blocked Uber from functioning in that country, before that it forced Google to not photograph its streets for the Street View project, then played into the “Right to be forgotten” craziness and now spearheads the attack on Google via publishers who ask it money to show their pages in the search results.

Well, here comes the fun: Google may very well stop showing all those sites in the SERP, search result pages. What will happen? Well, they will cry that Google only shows its own news services and theirs not. Now, if Google gives in and then shows their pages in the SERP they will ask for money.

That pretty much sounds like racketeering, my dear German neighbours. Really, Germans are targeting US services like crazy. Google has done a lot of good things for customers, even if it wronged many a webmaster, of AdWords partners and so on.

Germany seems to not like the internet as it is now: Google is showing your results in the pages and then Google is giving you some traffic. You don’t like that, then ask Google to not index your site. Is that simple.

Also, as Jeff points out, I find it amusing that the Germans ask Google to favor in some way third party services when it is showing the results page. Guys, Google is a private company and anyone is free to not use its search capabilities. Being a private company, even if a monopoly, you need to play by their rules because you’re in its house. Don’t like what Google has done, then do something better yourself instead of acting like crazy technosceptics or technophobics.