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PC gaming: 3 GTX 970s vs 2 GTX 980s and what is M.2

Linus tested 3 GTX 970s vs 2 GTX 980s and found out that it is better to use 2 GTX 980s. Why? Because you won’t need to consume that much power with only 2 cards instead of 3 and the cards will not heat as crazy. Using three cards in SLI mode will result in the card that is positioned at the middle to heat up unnecessarily and make a ton of noise in return.

If you really have the money to spend buy one good, premium graphics card. The GTX 980 costs about $550 and the GTX 970 costs $330. Both use GDDR5, have 4 GB of VRAM but the processor clock speed vary and also the CUDA processors.

All in all, the GTX 970 seems to be the better option cost-wise.

Now, let’s learn about the M.2 the port on the motherboard where you can insert your M.2 SSD. Newer SSD can be inserted in the M.2 slot and you will have a ton of connection speed because of this. You will not need any wires to connect this SSD to the motherboard so you got some increased write/read speeds.

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Tech news that you need to read: software patents, German link war, YouTube as a mobster and a confession from a tech journalist

Ok. The title might be longer than the actual blog content, but who cares? I have a huge stack of blog posts ready so I need to cut to the chase and let you know that you need to read these articles to get a better view of what the web is going through right now.

So, here are these news in a couple of phrases:
1. “Abstract ideas” cannot be used for software patenting anymore – while this ruling is fairly narrow it gets us closer to shutting down software patents sometime in the future. Basically, the US supreme Court has decided that abstract ideas that are created into a computer environment cannot be patented. That means that something like an escrow, a means of enforcing the settlement of debts in a multi-party financial transaction, cannot be a software patent. Finally!

2. There is a German war against the link in Google’s SERPs – Jeff Jarvis reports that the German publishers want to ask Google for some money because Google is showing the links to their websites in its SERPs. Do you know what? Why doesn’t Google simply deleted those guys from the index? Fair and square.

3. Youtube is behaving like a mobster – independent music creators are asked to sign some contracts with YouTube and pay YouTube some money if they want to see their videos online. Bad, YouTube, bad. Why? Because YouTube already has a ton of gains from the visitors that come to the site, search for the independent singer and then make views which, in turn, can be monetized via the ads YouTube runs. I say that the independent producers should NOT give in.

4. An ex-Venture Beat journalist confesses: it was hard, but I learned many things – she wrote almost 1700 blog posts for Venture Beat in more than 2 years. That is a lot considering she had to do a lot of meeting and phone calls each day and she had to write about five blog posts a day. That is a lot. She gave some pieces of advice: when you want to contact a journalist or a blogger for that matter, make sure you have something really interesting to tell.

5. Bonus: All About Yahoo’s DMARC Reject Policy – DMRC rehjection policy means that if someone sends you an email using an email address and the server that sends that email is NOT an Yahoo server, then all major email providers will simply reject it. This will reduce a big chunk of the spam that is out there and that uses addresses. A good thing, but with some downfalls. Read the full article to know more.

That’s it for now, folks.

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Coma Niddy – The Future Song

Science rap is here again. Coma Niddy takes us through the history of the technology on the waves of rhythm and rhymes. The sound is catchy, not quite like the big rap hot hots’, but it is still something I like to listen to ans you should too.

Great job, Coma Niddy.

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Google and Ray-Ban to Offer More Wearable Tech

Nowadays, wearable tech is all the hype for people trying to keep up with the tech scene. One of the pioneers of this trend is Google Glass by Google the tech giant. Recent news revealed that Google is partnering with the designer team behind Ray-Ban to come up with more wearable Google glasses. The partnership will provide more avant-garde designs that make Google Glass more publically accessible and not just exclusively for tech-savvy people. Google put their hopes in this partnership to become a leader in the smart eyewear market.

Google Glass is more than just a pair of geeky glasses – it includes a thumbnail-sized screen located at the wearer’s right eye, which is used to view content from the internet. It is also equipped with a camera that enables the user to take hands-free photos and videos. Wearing the Glass enables the user to call, chat, email and even find his way around, thanks to Google Places.

Partnering with the eyewear’s designer Luxottica could give birth to a new breed of designer glasses, as the new model will combine high-end technology and avant-garde designs. This partnership enables Google to use the 5,000 stores of Luxottica to help sell the Glass.

 Despite the initial development stages of Google Glass, some people are still skeptical about it, especially with the product’s staggering price. Certain people believe that more people would bite into it if the company lowered the price of it. At the moment, the product is priced at $1,500 and only about 10,000 people have bought them.

 Google Glass is not the first wearable tech product produced by Google. In January, it announced the release of the Titanium collection, which is a prescription glass and sunglasses version of the original model. But no matter how fancy or useful the collections are, Google really needs to make the prices more wallet-friendly in order to appeal to the general public.


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How does the future of computer science look like? [infographic]

The future of computer science looks pretty much amazing with things like carbon nanotube computers or phoneblocks, phones made of easy replaceable blocks.

The future will bring us also devices that can be controlled with our mind by using EEG tech or things like paper tab, a flexible tablet that won’t break when bent.

Read more about the future of computer science here and be ready to embrace the future that will be even more awesome than this.

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Awesome things from tech and science in the newest Mind Blow

Vsauce2 has yet another collection of science and tech news. among them the smartphone holograms and the fact that scientists were able to freeze light for a minute.

Some other interesting things he gathered are robots that can fly and crawl, strechable conductors and 3D printing skin.

It is hard to choose which one of the things from above is the awesomest, but we can all agree that science and technology are a great source of awe if you know where to look at. Have fun!

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How to drink coffee in space: tech&sci news #1

EarthSky tells us that drinking coffee in space is darn hard and scientists needed to actually invent a space coffee machine in order to allow astronauts to drink coffee in space. In microgravity the coffee does not simply fall “down” somewhere so you have to drink it using a special plastic bag and then sip it bit by bit.

Who cares? coffee is awesome however you drink it. Injectable coffee is the next step.

Mow the tech%sci news of the day:

Have fun 😀

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Awesome 3D printing pen in awesome

I admit that this is already old news, but I wanted to have this on my blog too. My blog is created to be a collection of the things I like, no matter when they were first showed to the public. 3Doodler is now a Kick starter project that had a 30k goal and it reached over $2 mil. Impressive, and the future it entails is also impressive.

Using ABS plastic, as many 3D printers do, this #D pen will melt that plastic and insert it whenever you want it to be. You cam even build small 3D structures with it. The melted plastic will harden pretty quick and you will be ready to show to the entire world your best creation.

3D is truly our new dimension. Well done, lads.

Via [OneCoolThingADay].

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See MRI music video in action: Sivu – Better Man Than He

Sivu created this awesome music video, where the singer has been scanned using an MRI and then you can see how his throat and tongue move as he sings. It is kinda gross, but the idea is genius.

I would think that today it is hard to create original videos and they have to come up with some new methods or techniques. Glad to see that the technology is put to good use. Arts via tech. What more could you wish?

Via [PopSci].


Useless machines as art – amusing video

What do you do with an old printer? You transform it into a useless machine. Well, not really useless as it can offer a lot of fun and YouTube views, so this should amount to something. What does it do? It switches off the buttons you switch on. Plain and simple. And fast. And fun 😀

Via [Gizmodo].