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Finally, Neverwet is HERE: it is called Rust-Oleum Stops Rust and can be bought at Home Depot

Yes, finally it is here. The wonder spray from NeverWet is finally here, it is distributed by Rust-Oleum and you can buy a spray kit for about $19.97 at Home Depot. Neverwet or Rust-Oleum Stops Rust is a superhydrophobic coating meaning that it is a coating that you put on any material and then that […]

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Ultra Every Dry – the new kid in the block of superhydrophobic coatings

Ultra Every Dry is a new coating that uses nanotechnology to create a superhydrophobic layer that won’t let oil or water spill your clothes. In fact, this coating can be used on many surfaces. ArsTechnica noted that the company does not have any patents shown on site and no specific technical details have been shown. […]

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Superhydrophobic coating brings nanotech in our houses [technology]

NeverWet is a superhydrophobic nanotech coating created by Ross Technology Corp that repels any kind of wet material from the surfaces it has been applied on. More than that, if you cover an iPhone in this coating and put it in a water tank the phone will simply work unhindered. [UPDATE: 30 November 2011]NeverWet will […]

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