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How does the standard model of particle physics look like?


It looks like in the image from above. Without an extensive knowledge of math and physics you can’t possible hope to comprehend what it says.

This is why science is hard: it takes you decades to master the exact sciences and only then you can get a good picture of what the scientists are saying or doing.

The hard part is conveying their messages to the general public. Since there are many math and physics gaps in the knowledge the public has the scientists have a truly hard time in explaining what the heck is happening inside a particle collider.

Sometimes analogies are used, but they are poor approximations which lead to questions that make no sense to the scientists, but seem reasonable to the general public.

This is why the idea of light being a wave or the idea that electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom are approximations, but do not convey the entire truth as we, the ones from the general public, do not have the math and physics knowledge to truly understand what happens in there.

The explanations of the formula from above can be read on Wikipedia.

Image via Cristian Român.