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Milking a spider

That’s new. Milking a spider means that you put the spider to sleep using carbon dioxyde and then put it on its back. From there on you jolt its fangs with some electricity and it will spew out venom. a ton of venom which you can collect. Not a great sight, but milking spiders is […]

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Still here

Don’t be fooled by the small vacation I took these days. From 10 blog posts/day to a 4 day holiday is a big change, but all is for good. First, I work on a big project which will be revealed next month and this is taking a ton of time each day. Second, I have […]

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Spider goats? Heck yeah

Coma Niddy explains why we would need goats that would create spider silk: we need to obtain materials that offer better protection than kevlar and which can be used in various places. Spider silk is stronger than kevlar or steel and very flexible and this is why we need lots of it, but it turns […]

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