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Colonizing Mars? Hell, yeah!

Fraser Cain explains why it is hard to get to Mars and colonize it. It does not have oxygen, water or anything that would allow us to live there more than 20 seconds before we die asphyxiated or frozen or burns, depending on where you are located on Mars. Best is to use pods and […]

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NASA will trap asteroids and harvest them in the future. YAY!

One thing about being a US citizen, which i’m not btw, is that you have NASA literally in your back yard. And that you can be freaking proud of the wonders they did over the years, even with the drastic budget cuts they’ve seen in past few years. NASA hopes, and so do I, an […]

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The perils of going to Mars

Travelling to Mars? Piece o’cake, unless you really want to dive deeply into the science of space travel. The road to Mars is hellish and without special protection in the 6 or so month of flying to there you can get more than the accepted life time dose of radiation. So… yeah. With a little […]

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