Great news: ACTA has been rejected on 4th July 2012

The video above shows what ACTA could have done to the internet freedom and to out digital civil rights. When private companies are given the right to police citizens that is never a good thing.

ACTA got rejected today with 478 agains and 39 for the Treaty. We won. 4th of July 2012 means a symbolic Independence Day for Europe.

TorrentFreak reminds us that because the EU rejected ACTA this International Treaty is as good as dead. That means it might not be applied in US or in any other country for that matter. thanks ACTA lobbyists because they know how to sell dreams, but they are not good strategists and thus they have contributed to this Treaty being rejected. Very well done guys.

One thing that we, in EU, need to be careful at now are the modifications of IPR Enforcement Directive the EP wanted to do. It seems that without SOPA and ACTA we wouldn’t have known that the nice MEP guys would create a home brew sort of ACTA. Yes, we were very close to have our own ACTA.

Now, the general population and the MEP know much more about tampering with internet rights and we need to pay heed to EDRI warning:

ACTA is not the end. ACTA is the beginning.

And, let’s finish with EDRI words:

Thank you ACTA. Thank you activists. And thank you pro-ACTA lobbyists, without you, none of this would have been possible.


SOPA is dead, but the war isn’t over

Mashable announced these days that SOPA is dead and after a short while Megaupload was shut down. It seems that you do not need the censorship outlined in those bills since you can already police the web pretty effective.

IMO, I think Megaupload should have died a good while ago along with other services like these. Yes, who hasn’t used piracy sites or filesharing services to send out illegal copies of songs? Yes, we are all saints. NOT. Well, it turn out that all things come to an end and if it is proven that some sites deserve to be shut down, then by all means, go for it.

What I didn’t liked about the Megaupload seizure is that users who weren’t infringing any possible law have no access to their data. Bad thing.

As for SOPA/PIPA it is possible that they will emerge as new bills. We won the battle, but not the war.

Below we can see some technical details regarding the US censorship. If China has its Internet Firewall, that doesn’t mean that we (US and other democracies) need to follow in their footsteps. The infographic is brought to you by Lumin Interactive and Condor Consulting. Neat fact to see in it.
SOPA & PIPA Technical Examination

Via [Presurfer].

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TehGeekTive is going dark to protest SOPA

Although this blog is small and not even in US, TGT – short for TehGeekTive, will go dark on 18th January 2012 in protest against SOPA(and PIPA). This infamous act is meant to be good, but the loopholes and the broad coverage gives US Government and corporations the ability to shut down any site from US and to block access to site form outside US.

That being said, if such bill passes, the the greatest democracy in the World will become communist, at least in regards to internet. If this happens many countries will follow suit. Blocking free speech like that ain’t and never was a good idea. Still the entertainment industry, which contributes far less than the tech industry to the economy, hopes that using this bill people will buy more movies.


You wll still be able to access any kind of site just using it’s IP. Just do a ping command in Windows CMD for any site and you’ll get the IP.(Open Star-Run- type CMD- when the command promt is open type: ping -> there’s your IP). There is even a SOPA emergency IP list on Stumbleupon. And even the Firefox Add-On DeSOPA, which lets you connect to any site, even if you don’t know it’s IP.

In a nutshell: SOPA has failed before it was even born.

So, it will be used to give corporations the power to abuse and block free speech. Do you want to know who wants to protect us and the internet? Check the footer of American Censoriship. Those sites (Wikimedia, Mozilla, EFF, Creative Commons and others) have helped more than the entertainment industry.

CopyBlogger summarized what SOPA is in a very well documented article. He lists there several issues with SOPA: your site can be shut down wheter or not you’ve done anything wrong, SOPA is toothless for real pirates, you are not a bad guy, but you’re the one who will get punished… More on this on his blog.

Getting ready to go black on Blackout Day too? Mashable has announced that Wikipedia English is going dark tomorrow from 5 am UCT, for 24 hours. BoingBoing is doing the same.

If you have a blog or website you can participate by putting a custom home page on 18th January. You can either use the cum (and very neat) template BoinBoing was writing about these days or, if you have a WordPress site use one of the plugins from Jeff Sayre’s Google+ post.

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Anti SOPA rap and how to sidestep SOPA

Geeksaresexy do not like SOPA, and neither does TehGeekTive. No way. This is why a lot of people did what they could: wrote posts, participated in anti-SOPA meetings or did rap song. Dan Bull’s Anti-SOPA Rap is an inspiring song about what such a law could mean to us and the changes it may create in the web world.

SOPA in its self is a good law, but it will give the companies and institutions the right to do pretty much they want on the internet. Fight it and let’s keep the internet free.

If this law gets approved then we still have a chance. Gizmodo shows us how to sidestep SOPA by using a Firefox Add-On named DeSOPA that will find the ip of a given domain and direct you to the site is they used the law to block a domain.

So, SOPA or no SOPA we will still use technology to keep us as free as possible. Down with SOPA.

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Occupy Movement explained and the walk of shame [videos]

99% vs 1% : explained from mariana santos on Vimeo. Thanks Kuriositas.

Well, the cause of Occupy Movement is somewhat the Recession. In the video above you can clearly see that 1% of US population have almost 1/3 the wealth of the entire country. That may not be an issue, because in democracy if you work more you have more.

Interestingly enough those 1% do not pay as much taxes, only 18% since the normal people pay about 24% of their income. At first, there were no clear demands, but by now Occupy Movement, a peaceful protest at heart, wants better jobs, more equal distribution of income, bank reform and a reduction of the influence the corporations have on politics. If SOPA gets approved then we all have to thank the corporation for losing the web as we now it and entering into a censorship land.

Below you can see a video shared by Neatorama today. It explains how the national debt is created and the fact that money are mostly a value in their self and are not baked up by reserves. It is kinda hard to explain how the money flows in a state and how can they simply create new bills out of thin air, but I hope this video sheds some light.

Since Occupy Movement is peaceful why do these clashes take place so often? Well, it seems that the police, or better yet, the chains of command fear the power of many and try to contain them. They fail, nonetheless. A clear example is the walk of shame, where student simply sit with their legs crossed and do nothing: the best form of peaceful (as in non-violent) protest there is.

Guess by know the entire world knows about the police officer that pepper sprayed some students who were peacefully protesting at the University of California, Davis on Friday (11th November 2011). The very next day the students were protesting, again, peacefully to confront Cancello Katehi.

Do you think that the people who are against SOPA and the ones that take part in Occupy Movement have a common road? I think yes. We love corporations, we buy their things and praise them each day we use their things. But really, they are the ones who need to be contained in order NOT to influence so much the political decisions.

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SOPA – the first American Internet censorship system

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Do we need other words? I’m not in the US, but I still don’t like what is happening. As the video says: if US has a censorship law, then we all will have it. I don’t like it a bit. Censor your site in protests. How to do that? Go to American Censorship and read the section for blogs/tumblr/websites. Thanks [BoingBoing] for bringing this up.
SOPA-infographic-internet-censorship-november 16-2011