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IT: what is virtualization

Virtualization is the ability to create a virtual environment in which you can install several OSs in your machine. Basically you can use Windows and, using a virtual machine (ie such a program) you can also install MAC or Linux. Learn more about virtualization from Linus from TechQuickie.

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3 Sweep: unbelievable software that extracts 3D models from a single photo and manipulates them

In the video called 3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013 Tao Chen, Zhe Zhu, Ariel Shamir, Shi-Min Hu and Daniel Cohen show off a software that is able to take a single photo, get the 3D object out of it and then manipulate it like it’s nothing. This incredible software […]

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