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11 random facts about social media. Meh

BuzzFeed is, again, shocked, In any case here are some of random 11 facts about the social media they could gather: in 2008 social media overtook porn as online activity, the Twitter country would be the fourth country in the world, Ellen selfie got 1.3 million retweets in under 1 hour and brought Twitter down […]

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What happens when you like your own Facebook post or comment?

This: you show that you are a total douche. Let others like your comments and statuses. When you like your own status that tells a sad story about you: you’re either terrifyingly alone or a narcissistic douche. In any case, you don’t need to cry out loud asking for people’s attention by liking your own […]

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Why Facebook’s #hashtags are lame: #failbook

I try to write mostly about science, techy or geeky stuff, but sometimes I can’t hold back from more personal blog posts. One of my sayings are: “blogger is, blogger does”. This is why i say that Facebook’s hashtags are dumb, lame and otherwise another way to annoy people. Are #hashtags bad? No way. As […]

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