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11 random facts about social media. Meh

BuzzFeed is, again, shocked, In any case here are some of random 11 facts about the social media they could gather: in 2008 social media overtook porn as online activity, the Twitter country would be the fourth country in the world, Ellen selfie got 1.3 million retweets in under 1 hour and brought Twitter down and nothing interesting about Google+.

See more in the video from above.

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What happens when you like your own Facebook post or comment?

This: you show that you are a total douche. Let others like your comments and statuses. When you like your own status that tells a sad story about you: you’re either terrifyingly alone or a narcissistic douche. In any case, you don’t need to cry out loud asking for people’s attention by liking your own posts. No way.

When you’re liking your own status is like you would curl up very-very hard and then kiss your own butt.

Mr. Beam says the same thing, but in a more fashionable way. Seriously, don’t click Like on your own posts.

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Why Facebook’s #hashtags are lame: #failbook

I try to write mostly about science, techy or geeky stuff, but sometimes I can’t hold back from more personal blog posts. One of my sayings are: “blogger is, blogger does”. This is why i say that Facebook’s hashtags are dumb, lame and otherwise another way to annoy people.

Are #hashtags bad?

No way. As a concept and because of the way they were used since their inception, as search and topic aggregators, hashtags have been always useful. Using hashtags in Twitter and Google+ and not overdoing it can be mostly beneficial since anyone searching for that topic can see your posts in the stream.

Using hashtags means, usually, that you understand how the network works and you want to provide value. You will mostly use one or two hashtags per status update or post and then move on.

Hashtags are, more than you would believe, a symbol of internet culture, a landmark that sets the birth of another way of communicating with each other. Planes have been using names with hashtags (see #nerbird from Virgin America) for awhile now and some even went on to say that they’ll name their children after popular hashtags.

Why I hate Facebook with hashtags

When Facebook announced (via) that they will be inserting hashtags into our Facebook lives I did not like it. First they insert emoticons in the status updates and bring the lame Hi5 back to life, then they copy Twitter (again!) and use hashtags.

They are useful, for topic search, aggregators and as machine learning signal, but Facebook, why? Now I can say thank you for making sure that I do not feel special in any way while being logged into Facebook.

Google+ and Twitter have hashtags, why not Facebook? Because darn Facebook is trying to catch these other two by the tail and does not show that it wants to be ahead of the curve. Dafuq means “ahead of the curve”. No idea, neither does Facebook. #failbook.

The status updates area has become cluttered: insert person you are with, location, picture, emoticon and now hashtags. On top of that ask a dumb question like “what’s on your mind?”. Nothing, just posting here a link. No need for you to know what I think. Unless you read it here.

Hashtags would have been a sign that Facebook is smart, but due to timing, hashtags show that Facebook is struggling to be everything for everyone. I don’t like that. You lost the hastag race, Facebook? Invent something new, but don’t copy others again.

No, I won’t use hashtags. Maybe just to make some fun and to hijack hashtags for fun in Facebook. #angry