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Watch bullets hit a metal wall at 1 million fps [video]

Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit has created a video in which you can see how bullets react when they hit a metal wall. The video is filmed at 1 million fps and you can see the myriad of ways a bullet can become dust in just a fraction of second.

Bullets are dangerous because they either hit a vital part of the body killing you instantly or they create a big hole in you or on the way out letting you die of blood loss. If a bullet does not hit bone and you are shot from close, then the hole it makes is smaller. Anyways, make sure to not get hit by a stray bullet.


At what speed does ice crack? In 1/2000th of a second.

If you pour soda over ice you can see the ice cracking. In fact. the speed at which the ice cracks is so fast that you can’t even blink to see it. The video from above was filmed at 4000 fps and you can see the ice cracking on only 2 frames, meaning that it cracked in 1/2000th of a second.

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Alien worlds: see a match head burning at 4000 fps

UtraSlo is a channel where you can see things happening at ultra slo-mo speeds. At 4000 fps you will actually spend about 153 seconds to watch a 1 second burn or explosion.

The match head burns completely in just over 1 second and thus you will be able to watch more than 2 minutes of alien awesomeness. You will never look at a burning match they way you did before watching this video.

Link. Thanks Dorin for sharing!

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Lightning caught on tape with 7207 frames per second camera

We watch movies at 26 fps. At 7207 fps the moves are slowed 277 times so that we can see how the lightning evolves and chooses it’s path.

From the YouTube description:

A negative cloud-to-ground (-CG) flash captured at 7,207 images per second. A negative stepped leader propagates downward from the cloud and connects with the ground causing a bright return stroke. Filmed near Devils Tower, WY

No matter the scientific explanation I want to see more of these videos.

Via [OneCoolThingADay].


London Bus Tour – awesome slo-mo video

Moritz Oberholzer has created an awesome slo-mo video featuring: London. One day I will get to visit that city, but for now I’ll just admire it from the pictures.

The catchy song is called “Loud Pipes”, from Ratatat. Simply enjoyable!

Via [Obisnuit].

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Awesome slinky falling in slow motion is awesome [hd video]

Veritasium presents always amazing facts from the physics world. some of the things shown in his videos are simply amazing, like this slinky falling in slow motion.

One interesting fact is that, after the slinky is hung in the air and stabilized, you can let go of the top part the bottom part will not fall to the ground until the entire slinky is compressed and falls as one body.

The explanation behind such behavior is that the slinky, being an elastic body hung by a fixed point above the ground, is kept in equilibrium be the gravity and the internal tension. This is why, after you release the top part the bottom part will remain suspended until all the slinky parts come together on one point. Cool science, huh?


This week’s best selection of time lapse and slow motion movies

Wanna spend some quality time with time lapse and slow motion videos? I just made the weekly Reader check and selected the best I could find. Simply relax and enjoy every second of these videos.


Awesome video with popcorn exploding in super slow motion

Do you like popcorn? I bet you do. But you rarely see the art behind exploding popcorn beans. Slow-motion camera make an awesome show out of these jumping food 😀 Have fun. Via [Presurfer].


Slo-Mo Reveals The Awesomeness of Fireworks In Your Room [dangerous and fun]

Filmed at 2500 frames per second the destruction and explosions seen in the video above are all about art. An d about Explosions and so forth. You get it. I can never ever get bored of these.

From Danish TV show “Dumt & Farligt” we see how some people have more fun than others. You will see a waterbed wasting its water in a room, fireworks exploding in the house, wine exploding in the microwave and many more. Have fun. Via [Neatorama].