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Sleep related wows: sexsomnia and sleep drunkenness

I never knew there is a sex and sleep related disorder: sexsomnia. It means that people that have this disease are walking around in their sleep and having sex. Also, it seems that one guy was acquitted of rape because of such disorder. I still can’t believe such disease can exist.

Also, what is sleep drunkenness? sleep drunkenness or severe sleep inertia is when you wake up suddenly and you’re extremely disoriented. You won’t be able to make heads or tails of your life for 15 minutes and you may go to work in your underpants if you don’t wait long enough to be fully awake.

You experience sleep drunkenness when you are awoken up in the REM stage of your sleep, the stage in which you sleep the deepest sleep.


To snooze or not to snooze [science]

ASAP Science explains why we should NOT use the snooze button: it will make us even sleepier and we will wake up more tired that if we were to stand up at the first sound of the alarm.

Interestingly, I use the snooze button and I know that on the third snooze I have to be up. At it works. In any case, the sleep after the first alarm ring is way lighter and I can almost hear the cars outside.

So, yes, it should be better to wake up on the first time and no use the snooze, but for now let me snooze once again…