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Why is the Magnum revolver still used in video games?

Stuart Brown makes these engaging videos about weapons used in pc video games. He goes into detail in regards to the history of a given weapon and why is it used in video games. So, why is the Magnum revolver still in use in video games? Because it is a nice piece of history and […]

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FarCry and racism? Cut the crap. NSFW.

Oversensitive a-holes all over the place. People, it’s a video game and, maybe, one of a kind. If you were living in the Far Cry world you could care less about racism, because all you wanted to do is fucking live another day. In a war torn area, where gangsters make the rules, nobody cares […]

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Is the FPS dying or evolving? I like it the way it is. Thanks!

Many would say that the FPS genre is falling, but not me. I likes the shooter games since day one and still like them, more than 11 years since I’ve played these games. I don’t care about the actual action: point-shoot. What I care about are plots, scenery, new bombs and weapons, characters, best damn […]

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