Where is the flood of Romanians and Bulgarians? Some fun to be had

Stewart Lee, from Comedy Vehicle on BBC, makes fun of UKIP and their immigration ban, because UKIP, a party that does not like foreigners to come into UK, opposes Bulgarians and Romanians to come and work in England.

The motives are simply stupid and I asked Britain to not be a dick, or a cunt as they say it in there.

Romanian hystorian George Damian tells us that it is about the hypocrisy of the so-called right wing parties that should we look at, as the main issue are not the gypsies that come from Romania and try to beg and steal in UK and in Western countries, but the main issue is, and was, Islamism.

You see, gypsies are not harmful in comparison with the well entrenched Islamic culture. If UKIP and other extreme right wing parties take a stance against immigration from Islamic people, then they get bombed so they channel their attacks as Romanians and Bulgarians.

Read the article George Damian wrote here (Google Trasnlate version).

So, it is nice to see a guy like Stewart Lee that makes fun of these hypocrites and know the importance of immigration.

Thanks Dorin for sharing!

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Britain, don’t be a dick

Recently I saw this speech of Phil Plait and it is called: don’t be a dick. This is also my message to you, Britain: don’t be a dick. I am a Romanian and not the proudest one, for sure, however I ask you this because of the recent xenophobic action in the media that you approved passively.

Phil Plait, a known skeptic, asked fellow skeptics to not insult people who do not want to accept science as the base when arguing about the Universe and the world around us. Skeptics tend to be mean if they see ignorant people around and thus Phil asked everyone to not act like dicks.

So, since Britain is a great country and with a lot of financial power I ask you to not be a dick. Most of your issues are with Romas, the gipsies, not with regular Romanians. Don’t have the courage to say that, eh? Better be called xenophobic than racist, eh?

Why won’t you come clean, dear Britain? We have the same issues with Romas here since some of them don’t want to integrate into society and prefer to follow their own rule: steal from the Romanians as much as possible. It should be noted that less than 40% of the Romas are actually misbehaving. Many others chose the path to romanization (ie accepting our rules and laws) and are taking part in the society as regular Romanians. We respect that!

As Sandra Pralong points out here, most Romanians, about 2.5 million, who wanted to leave our country already left it after 2007 and worked or even moved to Spain or Italy. About 4% of the people questioned last year said that they would go to UK to work and that would be a couple of tens of thousands at most.

Where’s the invasion, dear xenophobic *ahem racist* Britain? has a good laugh at the xenophobic British media that was crying about the Romanian invasion. Best comment they saw on Twitter was the one from below:


Gerontius Maridunum ‏@Gerontius1 1 Jan
Bloody Romanians and Bulgarians – coming over here and buying up all our invisibility cloaks!

Well said, Gerontius.

A friend of mine wrote a protest blog post in regards to Britain and I loved most the following phrases:

So, Britain, until you apologize for the hysteria, you’re off my list of civilized countries. Your forebearers were wiser, and they built a country (an empire, even) that I admired. But you’re not that anymore. You’re just some spoiled brats, cashing in the efforts of your grandparents. You’re not the great country you once were, you’re not the civilizing force you once were. You’re the has-beens.

Ok, that hurts, but I do hope I (we) got the point across.

Britain, don’t be a dick.