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Look at this robo-dog: so lively, so scary

Boston Dynamics, the company which has build some robo-dogs throughout the years and which was bought by Google at a given time has a new robo-dog called SpotMini. The way it moves is a bit scary: it moves as cloas as possible to a natural being and the way it looks at the cameraman at the start of the video is a bit unnerving.

But hey, this is technology and the only way is to go forward. Actually, given the level of technology we have now it is only a matter of engineering and time until you actually get to see humanoid robots and robo-dogs moving exactly like the real thing.

The guys at Interesting Engineering are excited and for good reason: only a few decades ago such a robot would have been only a dream created by Asimov’s books.

Robots are already here. All they need is to become more natural in movements and cheap enough so that everyone can have one. Let’s give it 50 years, ok?

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The world just had the first giant robot fight between Japan and the USA

Megabots Inc. published the video from above a while ago in preparation for the big fight between their giant robot and Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry robot. They have already done the fight and it lasted several days, but we will be able to see the recording only on October 17th at 7PM PT on Twitch.

The guys at The Verge have explained that the fight is not actually a fist fight like we would see in movies with giant robots. We whould expect to see more like push and shove style brawl and, maybe, some shots being fired, but no incredible fights. Not yet.

The Megabots Inc. robot could be easily weaponized and turned into an elevated tank for the battlefield. We should expect to see stuff like this in the future and, since South Korea is working on many robots, we should expect to see stuff like that being deployed in the eventuality of a Korean war. Who knows?

The truth is, decades from now, these robots will roam the streets like its nobody’s business. It won’t like in some dystopian movies, but still, robots are on their way to our daily lives.

In the fight between Americans and Japanese I’d expect the Japanese to win. We shall see.

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In a true world Asimov’s Laws of Robotics fail

Rob Miles, from the University of Nottingham, AI researcher, explains why Asimov’s Law of Robotics are nothing else than good writing material. When it comes to the true nature of computers and robots Rob Miles tells us that AI doesn’t work like that and the hardest part is to teach machines what a “person” is.

A ton of ethics need to be inserted in what a human being, a person is in a computers mind. Yes, the Laws of Robotics sound nice, but practice is way more complicated. This is why AI researchers refer to these laws as theoretical play, with no real stakes in what a true AI will ever be.

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Drones and music: awesome art

Ever wanted to see drones sing? Now you can! KMel Robotics has programmed a group of hexrotors and those tiny robotic critters are making a cute music show.

Drones are good for a ton of uses, but mostly people are using them for fun. And fun it is! Such ahex rotor can cost even $1100 like DJI Naza one
Via Interesting Engineering.

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A short history of robots

Hank Green, from SciShow, presents a short history of robots, from the industrial robots to the humanoid robots we have today. DARPA is hosting a robot contest in this summer and humanoid robots will fight each other to win the trophy the best human robots ever.

Also, see some humanoid robots running:


Get yourself a Jibo

Jibo is a robotic assistant that will help you around the house with being… neat, nothing more. Well, it can take pictures and can change its position to face you all the time, it has a neat voice and can read messages to you. Other than that, it may be used as a platform for developers to make some cool apps.

Jibo looks like a hyperflexible lamp and weights only 6 lbs. What will become of Jibo? No one knows.

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Robots built to mimic cockroaches are the most robust machines ever built- TED talk

Robert Full explains why nature is the ultimate robot designer when we look at the cockroaches. researchers have tried to mimic a cockroach when they’ve built a small robot and they were stunned to find out how fast and robust those cockroaches are.

Some details about cockroaches:
– they are darn fast
– they stabilize easily over any type of rough terrain
– their shape lets them fly through grass like crazy
– they can run upside down rapidly
– they wings for flying and use them to roll back with the top side up if they are flipped
– they can even run with only 2 of the 6 legs
– they climb up the walls by first banging with the head against the wall to keep a steady velocity
– they have extraordinary exoskeletons created from tubes and plates
– cockroaches can fit into 3 mm gaps because their body compresses with over 40%
– they can withstand over 800 times their body weight

Do not forget my favorite: if you cut the head off the cockroach is able to live for another 7 days when it dies because of starvation. Not many animals can survive that long without their heads attached to their body. Wait: only the cockroach can go through such event.

The researchers created DASH- dynamic autonomous sprawled hexapod – to try and mimic the same behavior in robots and it seems that it works. Such DASH robots can be used in the future for rescue mission. Great idea 😀

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Incredible lifelike flying robot bird from Festo [video]

I wrote about Festo frist in 2010 when I heard about the fact that they want to create lifelike robots, from four legged robots to flying birds and then even something that could mimic a human muscle in detail.

What you see above is a slow motion video created by the good guys from Earth Unplugged and it shows the level of complexity and how fluid the movements of that flying robot bird are.

What you may not know is that Festo has even created a flying robot dragonfly. This dragonfly can fly in any direction, it steers as natually as it can be and it makes only some noise. Let your imagination fly!

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Awesome things from tech and science in the newest Mind Blow

Vsauce2 has yet another collection of science and tech news. among them the smartphone holograms and the fact that scientists were able to freeze light for a minute.

Some other interesting things he gathered are robots that can fly and crawl, strechable conductors and 3D printing skin.

It is hard to choose which one of the things from above is the awesomest, but we can all agree that science and technology are a great source of awe if you know where to look at. Have fun!

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Meet real-life Wall-E

Tested, a You/Tube channel created by Adam and Jamie, from Mythbusters, featured recently a video abotu a life-size Wall-E robot. It is not an autonomous robot, but it looks pretty good.

The creators, geeks that love robots and are part of the Wall-E Club, led by Mike McMaster, have worked tirelesly to shape the robot from the pictures they have seen int he Pixar movie. Mike, who has created the chassis and the tracks, can steer Wall-E with two remote controllers: one for the tracks and one for the head. The robot looks pretty darn impressive and it was created in about 3 years by geeks that love this robot. The first drafts were created in 2007.

The robot is right now in Bakersfield, Cali (USA) and has a solar cell, plus a custom made motherboard with Ardruino on it. A couple of recordings make Wall-E seem pretty much like the one from the movie.