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Robotic hand IH2 Azzurra Hand from Prensilia and ERO, concrete recycling robot

Mindblow from Vsauce2 is a series of videos where you find out what new cool things and techs can be seen on the internet. Some of these things include a urinal sink, a urinal combined with a sink, or a face recognition system that lets you buy just by using your face.

The most intriguing among the topics in this Mindblow video is the robot hand from Prensilia which can grasp object like humans would do, it has a human sized hand and fingers. It has advanced sensing ability and precision.

This hand can be used in various robots and also for amputees where they can have a better control over their life. See the video from below for other details:

Now comes ERO into play: it is project about a concrete recycling robot designed by Omer Haciomeroglu for Umea Institute of Design. ERO uses water jets to crack the concrete surface to disassemble concrete and sucks up the mixed debris. It cleanly separates the waste mixture and packages the cleaned material.


No escape: we are building our own robokillers and we’re enjoying it

Sooner than later we will be faced with the situation that we will have to pass on robot laws. REAL robot laws. Boston Dynamics shows off their progress month by month and we’re getting closer to sending armed humanoid robots in the warzones.

It starts as a military technology, like many others, and then it will land on each street. Uproar. They will steal jobs, from butchers to policemen. Are we building our own demise? Hard to tell, but it is obvious that we cannot escape our own curiosity and, sometimes, demonic will to build anything that we think of (see the tractor beam research).

In the video above, AtlasProto demonstrates that it can overcome various obstacles. It is a software and hardware wonder and we know it will grow into a full humanoid system. DARPA funds such robotic researches and, because of their challenges, things like the self driving car have become almost a common thing.

Speaking of advances, the first thing that comes to mind are Asimov’s three laws of robotics. They are good in theory and in books. Once you are able to build (is that the right word?) conscience in a robot are you allowed to consider yourself the owner of that robot? Are you allowed then to hardcode those laws in the circuit of the robot? Would we want to enable conscience in these robots?

Synthetic life would be the next step. And no, synthetic life will not be considered human evolution per-se. But that is debatable.

Via [The Verge]


Real life car robot transformer is waiting for you now

Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics have created an incredible car robot transformer that will amaze you. I have seen many models like this, but none that could actually look so cool and even move around like it invented walking.

The Transformers are here. Prepare for the Decepticons. Via [Dvice].


Monster Jumps Done By Sand Flea

Boston Dynamics makes a lot of crazy and inventive stuff like Petman, BigDog and now Sand Flea. Sand Flea is a four wheeled remote driven robot that is able to jump 30 feet high onto the buildings.

Yep, and it does it with style. It uses carbon pressure tanks to give it the ability to jump up to 20 times here and there. It is military tech, but this sucker has to be sold to common people too. Or else 😀 Via [PopSci].

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Rezero – amazing dancing ballbot [TED video]

R2D2 has a predecessor and it’s much nicer than you would think. Its name is Rezero and is a dancing ballbot. Péter Fankhauser, Roboticist at the Swiss federal institute of technology in Zurich, leads a team of incredibly skilled students that worked on this robot.

Rezero uses a ball for locomotion and the gyro systems makes him move and stand gracefully in front of the people. The live demonstration that has been done July 2011 show the robot balancing, following the people around and even dancing.

Far beyond utility this robot may actually get a grip on some people here and there. We may even use such robots for transportation in the future or have them as virtual assistants in a Muzeum. Possibilities are endless. Nice one guys!

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Don’t know how to ride a Bike? This robot will teach you [video]

We kinda get used to robots as we seem them roaming around more and more. Surely we live in an interesting era. Well, things got more interesting after I saw this little fella, a small robot, riding a bike. Dr. Guero wrote on A.I & Robot, his website, about how he came up with the idea of using gyros for direction and making the robot steer the bike.

Thanks to Google Translate I was able to find out that he used a PID controller for balance and a programmable neural network to make the robot calculate its position. If you look a bit closer on his site, you will see that he has a logo for HAL 9000. Be warned, Skynet is here, and has a friendly face. Via [Presurfer].