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How does it rain on different worlds? What does it rain in there?

ASAP Science shared a greta infographic made by American Infographic and its amazing to see how it rains on other worlds, planets or satellites from our Solar System and beyond.

For example, it rains with different substances on different worlds:
– Earth – water
– Venus – sulfuric acid
– planet HD189733b – glass
– Neptune – diamons
– OGLE-TR-56b – iron
– satellite Titan – methane

See the image:

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Science has decided: run when it rains

Minute Physics explains once again how it is best to approach a given phenomenon. In this case, when it rains you need to run not not get too wet. The reasoning is that you need to minimize the number of droplets that fall on your head even if that means bumping into more droplets from the side.

Science in fun, yet again!

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Feeling let down? Use Rainy Mood


Upset? Not your day? Everything is messed up? Don’t like optimistic mood right now? For all these Rainy Mood does only one thing and does it good: gives you the sound of rain to listen to forever.

Really, sometimes listening to the rain and doing nothing may be the best solution to get you back up. Remember: bad days and failures make us who we are. Thanks Presurfer for sharing!