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Tech stuff in short bursts: processor manufacturing, Intel X99 chipset, and Nvidia GTX 980 vs Ati R9 290x

Linus explains in the video form above why the computer industry manages to keep the prices almost the same year by year but are able to double the capacity and power of the processors once every two years. The secret? They are able to use more and more transistors on the same chip which makes […]

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AMD FX 8 core processors: sweet dreams. FX 8370 vs FX 8370e

While AMD gets pretty close to the i5s and the i7s from Intel, it does so by being a bit cheaper and this is something I like. The guys at Tek Syndicate tested the 8 core FX processors FX 8370 & FX 8370e and found out that the first one was a bit better, by […]

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