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You wont believe: the smallest possible star is just a bit bigger than Jupiter

It is said that Jupiter is a failed star. It is so massive that, if it were a couple of times more massive, it would have become a star. Stars can be way smaller than our Sun. For example, theoretically, a red dwarf star has only about 7.5% the mass of the Sun. Poxima Centauri, […]

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Vsauce: quasars can be brighter than the galaxies they’re in – most brightest thing in the Universe explained

Magnitude is a number that tells you how bright an object is, and it can be relative or absolute. Vsauce explores the Universe of absolute magnitude and finds out that the Sun has a magnitude of 4.83, yet a star called R136a1, 256 times more massive than the Sun, has a magnitude of -12.6 and […]

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