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Quantum mechanics: here we come [video course]

One of the favorite physics and math teachers on YouTube, Michel van Biezen, has prepared a new series about quantum mechanics. In this new series we learn about why the atoms and subatomic particles behave in different ways than the matter we see around us. We also learn that energy, mass and momentum come in […]

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The uncertainty principle is about our measuring instruments, not about the particles themselves

You got to love physics at smaller levels. While the math is daunting and the phenomenon is hard to understand, we need to know at least some basic things, like the uncertainty principle. that principle tells us that if you try to find the position of a particle you won’t be able to know exactly […]

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The fourth dimension: a new take

Kotaku published recently an interesting article about a new way of thinking about a fourth dimension. We only live in 3 dimensions and, if we would see a 4D object we would only see its 3D imprint in our world. Things could simply pop in and out of existence as far we can be concerned. […]

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