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AMD CPU Zen, CPU vs GPU, SD cards

In sweet preparation of my dream gaming pc I am looking left and right in order to see what are the best computer components to get into that gaming machine. Later in the summer I’ll have the new gaming rig at home and I’ll enjoy some fine gaming with the newest games from 2015 and […]

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AMD FX 8 core processors: sweet dreams. FX 8370 vs FX 8370e

While AMD gets pretty close to the i5s and the i7s from Intel, it does so by being a bit cheaper and this is something I like. The guys at Tek Syndicate tested the 8 core FX processors FX 8370 & FX 8370e and found out that the first one was a bit better, by […]

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Computers: the differences between i3, i5, and i7

The era of gigahertz is long gone as now we look at other specs to know if a processor is good enough for what we need it. AMD broke the gigahertz balloon when it created processors with names like Athlon 2000+, meaning that it could do the work of a 2GHz Intel processor with a […]

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