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YouTube to GIF: GifYouTube

GifYouTube allows you to insert a YouTube video url and then select a start time for the GIF. Then you select the time range in seconds and you’re done: you have your GIF. The gif from above is from this ICE Bucket Challenge video. I wrote a while back about the ALS challenge. You can […]

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The average face of Dr. Who

Now you would hear Dr. Who from season 5 in the new series done after 2005 played by David Tennant when he was very surprised: “What?! What?! What?! What?! What?!” In the video from above you will see the average Dr. Who face, which seems pretty close to David’s face. Pretty cool, eh? Via Presurfer.

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Friday fun: Russian tractor races

Yes, you read it well: Russians have tractor races and they are awesome. They don’t use big tractors like in the US, but those common tractors, usually used in Romania too, are pretty good at being racers. What you see above is the Bison Track Show, an annual tractor race in the Rostov region of […]

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