Awesome wingsuit flight is awesome [epic video]

In the newest footage from Phoenix Fly, a company that produces wingsuits, features team The Need 4 Speed which does almost impossible things: they fly deadly close to the rock and the trees. This time they just pushed the boundaries even further and flew over some narrow valleys too. Pretty scary, I might add.

The wingsuits aren’t really expensive. For example, Venom costs just a bit over €1000. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, it’s pretty amazing what people can do with them. Anyways, this video shows that Phoenix Fly does know how to sell its wares.

I have to warn you that the scenes seem to be pretty close to those from action and SciFi movies, but they are damn real. At over 100mph every mistake they do has a swift result: death. If you want to do this wingsuit jump sport too you need to read the details form here. This extreme sport is NOT for everyone.

The Need 4 Speed: Mountain Carving from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.