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Canada Pays 1.6¢ For Every Cent: No More

C.G.P. Grey announces that Canada has ditched the penny. Since it was paying 1.6¢ for every cent it realized that it isn’t worth it anymore. In fact, annually, Canada spent $29 million to buy $18 million from the Mint. Now, that is not a good business model 😀 Watch the other video made by C.G.P […]

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Death to pennies or how can a coin worth less than it’s value [video]

Well, that it interesting. CGP Grey explains how managed the pennies to cost more than their value. Better said, the manufacturing of penny coins costs more than one and a half pennies for each coin. What?! Something is plain wrong here. Really. Money should have a value. We get this. But if the money cost […]

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