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PC wizz: what is file compression?

In short words file compression is finding the redundant parts (bytes, words) from inside a file and then building a dictionary (an index) based on their position inside the file. Then, instead of the actual words use the index number. This way you are able to compress a big text file to a 1/10th or even 1/1000th of its original dimension. Then, using a program like WinZip you are able to recreate exactly the file you you compressed.

When you are able to create exactly the original file the compression is called lossless. This is usually done with text information. But when you want to compress images, then that compression is lossy, meaning that it looses some of the information while compressing the file.

Learn more about text compression:

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AMD vs Intel smackdown: Intel is better, but about 30% pricier

The answer is short: Intel is better because it has invested more into processors than AMD. AMD delivers almost the same performance for the same cost, however it is cheaper.

So, if you have money to spend, buy an Intel i7 newest generation. If money are an issue, then try to buy an AMD FX 8300 or the like. When it comes to gaming you need to remember one thing: the single most expensive piece of hardware needs to be the video card. That one pulls harder when its about video games.