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What does ethanol say? Let’s party!

I found the graphic from below on ASAP Science Facebook page and I had to share it. The image was created by NeatoShop.

So, what does ethanol say? Let’s party. Some comments on the ASAP page are hilarious: “Omg carbon is such a slut.” LOL.

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Friday fun with Quirkology: 10 party stunts

How can you make an egg shell dance on the edge of a plate? How can you keep a cup floating? Or a dvd case? Quirkology shows these and also: make a fork stick magically to your hand, move a napkin using an invisible thread and also make a human float in the air.

Having fun yet? Quirkology has more.


Bring aliens to the party [geek]

How can you scare your friends? With an alien costume. Using the Digilegs you can look taller and use a special costume to look as lively as it can. Fancy scaring som people? Via [Fulgerica].