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Security alert: Skype is saving your details in plain text in the database.

Skype is saving account details in plain text in their database. You don’t need to be a hacker to see this and it is surely a worrying thing to know that anyone who has access to your computer and knows how to use some random databse reading programs like SQ Lite, can read your messages […]

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10 ways the NSA spies on each one of us

Why would I, a guy from Romania, Eastern Europe, be concerned about the NSA tracking us too? Even though we live in a police state (the Police can stop you and ask you for your documents at any time, without reason) I do care about my personal messages or about the pictures that I take […]

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NSA, PRISM and The State of Surveillance

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte dive deep into what PRISM means and what NSA (National Security Agency ) is trying to do in their latest Security Now show called The Sate of Surveillance. The EFF announced recently that the US Government, through the NSA, is being using spy techniques on its citizens since 2001: The […]

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