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Thomas Edison, the business man who reinvented the world

It is a known fact that Thomas Edison was a great businessman and that he also improved on previous inventions. You would believe that he was the father of the electric age, but it was Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest geeks of all times, who invented alternate current to send electricity far away. Thomas […]

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Do you really know who Nikola Tesla was?

Most probably not. You know of many of his achievements as Oatmeal outlines: alternate current, radar, wireless power recharging, X-rays and many others. We was and will be one of my heroes and a great man. However, the real Nikola Tesla was a bit different. It is a incomplete image to say that he was […]

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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla [video]

Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July 1856, about 156 years ago, and is seen as the father of commercial electricity and had many more achievements up his sleeves. We got him to thank to AC – alternate current which brings us electrical energy from faraway sources. One of his dreams was to be able […]

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