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Tribute to colonization of MARS [Curiosity Rover]

Mars Rover Curiosity from Mutant Jukebox – Music & Sound on Vimeo. Curiosity Rover landed on Mars this august and will undergo many experiments in the search for any possible sign of life in there. Most probably it will do geological research to see fi there was ever water in those places, or even if […]

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The promise of the stars: how space travel improves life on Earth

Fragile Oasis contains the blog of ISS astronauts. They explain there their daily tasks, their hopes and their fears. Humans in space that are bold enough to trust in technology to brind us to the stars. The tech involved in sending people to ISS and back and to explore the space will eventually land in […]

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Fan video: We’re NASA and we know it

Satire has made an awesome fan video called We’re NASA and we know it. Yes, you know that song, who doesn’t know it? Tghe video features several images from Curiosity landing, the atmosphere at NASA when it touched down and, of course, some awesome cosplay. Curisotity is hot. Via Curiosity itself (on Twitter).

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Hubble brings this weeks awesomeness with a tricky image of two galaxies colliding

Loading player… ESA announced today that Hubble telescope has caught a picture of two galaxies placed in a peculiar way. If you look at them it seems that they are colliding when, in fact, they are many light years apart. The two galaxies are NGC 3314A and B and our position enables us to see […]

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To The Moon And Back: Tour And Evolution

The Tour of the Moon is a video created by NASA to show us the lesser known facts about the hidden side of the Moon, its craters and the human trails left there a long time ago. Short and interesting, that’s how I like it. Below you can see the Evolution of the Moon. Somehow […]

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Phil Plaint explains how can we defend Earth from asteroids

Phil Plaint debunks myths related to astronomy on the blog Bad Astronomy. He did a speech at TEDx Boulder in September and outlined two ways in which we can defend Earth from asteroids: we hit them with space probes or simply send a space probe heavy enough that it will drag the asteroid from its […]

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