From hot oven onto your hands – Space Shuttle Thermal Tile Demonstration

Roscket Tasartir published a video in 2011 in which we can see a space shuttle thermal tile demonstration. The cool thing in there? You could take the tile from a hot oven and then grab it by the corners and still live to tell the story.

Since those space shuttle tiles are made of silica and have over 98% air in them, they are really good thermal insulators and thus you won’t be harmed if you catch them by the corners. Those tiles were glued to the space shuttles and helped those shuttles survive athmospheric re-entry when they came back from the ISS.

Some of those tiles would be destroyed after such an endeavour, but NASA engineers would glue new ones in place. So sad that the space shuttle program has been scrapped. That and many other NASA programs should allow crowdfunding and I bet millions would send over at least 1 USD a month. You would be able to actually get NASA back on track using such a crowdfunding work.

Anyways, this is what science and technology is doing for us: superhot tiles which we can touch and remain unharmed. Damn!

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Space edition: Earth without the Moon and the Mars Space Exploration Vehicle

Without the Moon we would have a short day, since the planet would spin faster. A day would be only 6 hours long. Also, without the Moon the tilt of Earth would vary so much that seasons would be wildly inconsistent from year to year. So, the Moon is very important.

Also, in this space edition we ask: how would you walk around on Mars in 30-40 years? Well, using the Space Exploration Vechile:

Read more about the Space Exploration Vehicle from PopSci.

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Yay. NASA is restarting supply to ISS. About time, guys! Video live NOW!

You can check now the status of the cargo which flies now to the ISS on NASA Ustream channel. The private company United Launch Alliance uses an Atlas V rocket to carry an Orbital ATK Cygnus commercial resupply spacecraft in order to get much needed cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) “following a pair of launch failures over the past year”.

It was about time that US started the reppluy mission. Until now only the Russians could send cargo up there and if they would have gone rogue, then ISS astronauts would’ve been in peril. It is always to have at least two choices when doing everything, because having two companies or states competing for the same thing will lead to better results.

Unfortunately NASA has had its funds slashed over the last decades and it struggles to make great progress with a tinier and tinier budget. Granted, they do have several hundred millions a year, but they would really need a 10 billion a year at least. Heck, I’d like to see a world in which countries like Romania can pay and fund NASA for at least 100 million a year in order to allow it to continue doing great things.

Go NASA and United Launch Alliance ๐Ÿ˜€ Once again, the private space companies are a proof of why US is the greatest country of them all.


What does the Sun sound like?

the sun sounds like a big old grumpy man, that only knows how to mumble. If you speed up 40 days of recording into a few seconds you hear the sound recorded in the video from above.

In any case, the mechanical waves that fly through the Sun day in, day out are the source of that sound. The sun is everything but a quite place and sooner or later you will see a ton of such symphonies created as a result of EM waves or other phenomenons.

Hail to the Sun.

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NASA plans to use inflatable heat shields to deliver bigger payloads to Mars

Bigger is always better. The future astronauts really need a ton of gear if they want to survive on the killer planet Mars. NASA plans to use what it is calling a Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator, or HIAD.

That is basically an inflatable shield which is currently tested in NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. They will use several rings or toruses filled with some gas and then those toruses will be covered in a heat resistant layer. This way NASA hopes to deliver way more payload than it currently does.

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NASA will trap asteroids and harvest them in the future. YAY!

One thing about being a US citizen, which i’m not btw, is that you have NASA literally in your back yard. And that you can be freaking proud of the wonders they did over the years, even with the drastic budget cuts they’ve seen in past few years.

NASA hopes, and so do I, an Easter -European nobody ๐Ÿ˜€ So, NASA is willing to launch a space drone to the asteroid belt, grab an asteroid and then send it into lunar orbit. From there the astronauts will land on the asteroid, make some research and then ask companies to harvest it. At that point, maybe in about 15-20 years we will be a truly space faring species.

Asteroid have a ton of iron, nickel, water and other elements. They can provide almost infinitely many tons of raw material for our industries to survive. There is a chance for us to even build space cities.

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NASA to create the coldest spot in the known Universe on board of the ISS

By the year 2016 NASA wants to create the coldest spot in the known Universe on board of the ISS in order to see how we can better understand matter and if we can obtain a new, revolutionary, understanding of the Universe. They will use a Cold Atom Lab in order to cool the atoms from inside to 100 picoKelvin, that means at 0.000000000001 K, basically 0 degrees Kelvin in practical terms.

The Cold Atom Lab will use a laser beam in order to cool the matter down. At that low temperatures they will obtain a Bose-Einstein condensate, a clump of matter that will behave like waves. You will be able to literally put matter over matter or atom over atom and they will occupy the same space, much like an electromagnetic wave is able to interfere and to be put over another one. Wow, that’s heavy!

See an image of the Cold Atom Lab that will be used on board of the ISS:

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Why the Moon landing hoax theory doesn’t hold water!

Is the Moon landing a Hoax? I say NOT. Look at the smartphone in your hand and compare it with the PC you had in 1990. Now it doesn’t seem so impossible, ain’t it? SAG Collins explains why the moon landing movie is not a hoax.

Why is it impossible that NASA could have fakes the Moon landing? Well, because they could bring a shuttle in the space in 1969, but they did not have video editing devices, like we have now. And there are many other reasons why the Moon landing was not a hoax.

For example, you see the flat wiggling. Gravity can make an object behave like that if you move the flag form one pace to another one. Or the shadows. Only one shadow. From the Sun. Now, let’s get back to Earth and admit that we CAN reach the stars.

Via [EarthSky].

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NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody) hits the web hard

Gangnam Style, from PSY, has killed all the stats on YouTube with over 992 million views. Many have started doing Gangnam style parodies and some of them are quite interesting like the one above. NASA Johnson Center students have created the video from above. ++1 from me.

Via [Mike Massinimo].

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See this video only on 12.22.2012

The end is nigh. Oh, no. Really, the Mayan Calender wonศ›t stop on 21st December 2012. It only complwtes a cycle at that date. NASA has created this video and explains why no asteroid, solar flare, rogue planets, atomic bombs and so on won’t destroy the World.

So, lay back and relax. Christmas is here.
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