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Check the list of 5 misconceptions regarding evolution

I’ve see this first on Science Alert. The infographic from below was created by Molecular Life Sciences.

The 5 misconceptions are:
1. it is just a theory: theory means fact in science
2. survival of the fittest: nope. Better say: be able to reproduce and ensure the survival of the population. Nothing to do with strength, length and so on.
3. humans descend from apes: nope. We and apes have a common ancestor.
4. it cannot be proven: false. Evidence comes from biochemistry, DNA analysis, fossils, experiments, biogeography.
5. Darwin was wrong: false. His mechanism still pertrudes biology. That means he was as right as he could given his circumstances.







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Is telekinesis real? No, it isn’t

People like to believe in all sorts of things, even in telekinesis, but we all know that this won’t work. Telekinesis is a nice trick to have in a movie or when illusion shows are setup, but not in the real life.

We are now able to communicate directly with out brains to computers via wires, but that is not telekinesis, you don’t move things with the force of your mind. Nope, not gonna happen.

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If the planets lined up we would be just fine

Don’t believe the tales a lot of sheisters are telling you. If the planets will ever align in our lifetime then nothing would happen. Jupiter, the biggest planet out there has only 0.001% gravitational effect on Earth. The sun and the Moon have the most gravitational effect on our planet.

So, if the planets lined up, we would carry on like it was nothing. Stop believing such moronic tales.

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10 food myths busted

I love crazies that tell everyone that we eat poison and that synthetic substances are bad and so on. They’re fun to watch because they passionately tell everyone to avoid otherwise harmless things and refuse, religiously, to look at evidence and just shut the f… up.

Here are some of the food myths you will see int he video from above:
– McDonald’s nuggets do not contain pink slime with chicken eye balls – it’s all meat baby
– washing meat in ammonia that is also used in cleaning products – it is safe in small amounts as it kills E-coli. Remember: the dose makes the poison. Even apples have a poison called amygdalin in them and we still eat them without issues
– KFC using genetically modified organisms, not chicken? Come one, even a chicken that has been specially bred over the years to become bigger is a genetically modified organism
– McDonald’s does not use worms and eye balls in their food. jeez
– coca-cola can’t dissolve the teeth of the drinkers as it stays only a bit of time in the mouth

Check more such myths in the video from above.

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Mental Floss: 29 misconceptions about alcohol

Mental Floss brings us 29 misconceptions about alcohol and you won’t believe that what you knew was true is, in fact, not true. For example: if you eat before drinking, you will not get drunk. That is not true, you will still get drunk, but a little later.

Some other misconceptions:
– if you mix drinks you’ll get drunker – not
– if you go to the toilet once, then you’ll have to go the entire night – false, you would still have to go to the toilet
– the amount of alcohol doesn’t diminish of you eat or do sport – only after enough time has passed the alcohol from the body will be gone
– the order in which you drink alcohol types matters – not
– “beer belly” is not generated by… beer drinking, if comes from the lots of calories you eat
– alcohol does not make you hallucinate
– sucking on a penny will not make you pass a breathalizer test
– alcohol does not improve performance in bed

And many more. Just watch the video 😀

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Stuff our body creates in a year and 10 myths busted by BuzzFeed

In a year the human body grows 6 inches, 1.5 inches of nails, 8.8 lbs of skin, 22 gallons of tears, 60 gallons of sweat, 96 gallons of saliva and 130 gallons of urine. That is something. And a human creates about 360 lbs of poop each year.

BuzzFedd has some great videos and it is a timesink when you go on their YouTube channel and lookup what they have done over the time. Check out below 10 myths they also busted. And yes, Einstein mastered advanced math at 15, so I hope those guys on Facebook just shut up.

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