The super science music video of the day: Science STYLE – Taylor Swift Acapella Parody

The guys at ASAP Science have created an awesome Taylor Swift Acapella Parody called Science STYLE. In the hands of great communicators science does blossom in ways you would never think of. Science is great and truly amazing, but many regards it as a fringe domain, something on the far side of the World.

Science, on the other side, was created to reveal the inner workings on the Universe and create a system of laws, principles and theories to allow us to make sense of everything.

Truth is, science saves lives, makes us feel better, give us better lives. Science rules.

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Realistic fears – halloween rap by Coma Niddy

I like this guy. Coma Niddy creates great science videos and also science rap music. He is one of a kind and I like that he tries to paint science in batter lights, he tries to get it to the masses through music.

Have fun with his newest rap, the realistic fears, Halloween version.

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I f***ing love science – song from Hank Green, of SciShow

Hank Green, from SciShow, is also a singer and he has this bad ass song about science. Geek or nerd is the new cool, as it seems.

The song is catchy, sounds like a teenage style song, like the ones for high school boys and girls, but it great. i like the vibe, i like the tune, i love that it promotes science in such a fun way.

Way to go, Hank.

Via Open Culture.

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Trippy video from Cyriak: chimpnology [cannot unsee]

When you hear about Cyriak you know it’s gone see a mind blending video. nothing life changing, just that it is awesomely… peculiar 😀

This WFT of the day is a very strange video that will haunt you all day. And i’m glad i helped you get out of a bored Monday by sharing this… thing that you cannot unsee! Have fun!

And, oh, no matter how long those monkeys will type in there, they won’t write that goddamn Shakespeare literary work!

Via Geeks are sexy!

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Stop now and listen to this LHC rap/dubstep: Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe is a subject often found in the middle of the interest of pretty much… everyone. The rap/dubstep video created by the guys from Sixty Symbols (YouTube) is totally amazing. They rounded up Dave and Vihart, yes THE Vihart, and created this incredbile song.

It does make some sense and it should be used as a didactic material in schools. Why not? If Earth were a word, then the Universe were an infinite number of words, so we can hang on to this analogy. In any case, it’s great to see that nerds and geeks flock together to create cool science vids and rap music. Well done, guys!

For lyrics and some other details click here.

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ESA proves us wrong: science and space are way cooler with hop-hop

When I saw the video about ESA on Astronomy Communication I was happy to see that ESA is doing an incredibly good job promoting science this way. Hip-hop is great when mixed with geeky and science rhymes. I find the darn awesome and I hope ESA will publish more such videos.

ESA is the European Space Agency and they have proven the worth of Europe in the space industry. Thanks ESA once again! “Come on, let’s Elevate!” 😀


Chemistry dubstep video: more bass, less chemistry (sorta)

The guys at Periodic Videos have created an amazing dubstep music video where they used sounds form the chemistry labs in a well woven string of strange, but beatifull sounds. It is worth every second to watch and listen to this video.

So that you know, those guys in the pictures are real chemists and they do know their shit, so behave. I did expect some chemistry words in there, but, they, dubstep is about sick beats so… dub-dub-dub it 😀 Have fun!

Via [GaS].


Creative: Hallelujah song with crystal glasses

Petr Spatina, a street artist from Prague, plays the glass harp with a magic touche. Get some crystal glasses, a good knowledge of vibrations and music and much more work and creativity and you get what you see int he video from above. How many hours must someone practice singing at these glasses to do what he does? Years, maybe.

First time I listened to it, I wouldn’t take my eyes off of the video. These 3:48 minutes are very well spent. More info you can find out in this YouTube video description. Have fun!

Via Nicola Deiana on Facebook.


You need to watch this creative music video from Shugo Tokumaru

Shugo Tokumaru – “Katachi” (Official Music Video) has seen the light of YouTube on January 21st 2013 and, after 10 day it has more than 320k views. This creative music video uses stop motion and LOTS of PVC figurines in order to create the illusion of motion.

All the movements are fluid and the video editing is awesome. Katachi means shape, the video used 2000 figurines and it was directed by Kijek/Adamski. The singer is Shugo Tokumaru, a successful artist from Tokio who was first heard of internationally in 2004 when he launched album “Night Piece”. It seems that people don’t care about the lyrics or the language as long as the music is great.

Via [Vsauce 2].

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Antimatter rap with Coma Niddy

The science rap strikes again. You would rather sing science than just read science papers? Then you can watch Coma Niddy’s video and learn that antimatter exists, can also be created and that the energy and mass are equivalent.

Antimatter? A piece o’ cake for the future humans. Many things could need the energy resulted from a reaction between matter and antimatter. We are able to create antimatter and the processes are becoming even better:

Antihydrogen atoms are formed in an ultra-high vacuum trap by injecting antiprotons into positron plasma. An atomic process causes the antiproton to capture a positron which gives an electronically excited antihydrogen atom.


Read the post from IOP- Institute of Physics and be amazed.