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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (The Movie) [4K]

Guess what: you can now see entire movies from some of the games. Andy Gilleand has worked countless hours just to create these movies from the video games. What he did seems pretty simple: get the cut scenes, record yourself playing and make sure to remove any HUD and screen indications that this is a video game.

But the truth is that he had to work a lot of time and to also replay and re-record stuff just to make sure he got scenes which are relevant to the movie.

The result? An awesome 3.5 hours movie I watches with bated breath last week-end. Make sure to watch Uncharted, the lost legacy created by Andy Gilleand. He also created other movies from video games:
Rise of the Tomb Raider (The Movie)

Assassin’s Creed Liberation (The Movie)

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (The Movie)

I can’t wait for his new movies. Maybe an FPS in the future? No idea.

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Mega sci-fi trailers: Independence Day: Resurgence and Star Trek Beyond

I know you’ve been waiting for an Independence Day sequel. Admit it. The first movie was too good for me to forget. It has action, humor and Will Smith. The sequel will not have Will Smith. His character dies in some stupid accident while the humanity is building a new fleet of war machines, but those are details.

The trailer will setup a pretty grim scene for the entire planet with more and more alien ships coming in and even continent-sized motherships ready to slam into the Earth. We knew they will return, we prepared, but will it be enough? Independence Day, take my money NOW.

The second trailer is for Star Trek Beyond. This new brave generation of young space travelers will face new dangers and test their limits. The only difference now is that they are taking a pretty heavy beating. Will they survive?

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Batman versus Superman is not what you think it is

Via Business Insider. I was a bit angry of the fact that they mixed the world and got Batman to fight Superman. Realistically speaking, Batman would have no chance, but let’s leave this tot he details.

In fact, the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie is about them two fighting together with Wonder Woman to fend of a demon called General Zod. Way to cool to not see it when it hits the movie theaters.


After-noon fun: Christopher Walken and The Brain discuss physics

This is the first time I have seen Brain really explaining a physics theory in order to show that the lawyer was wrong. The Brain was not able to demonstrate that he is a mouse, but he stood by the truth :))


Too bad: Robin Williams is dead

Well, Robin Williams was 63 years old and maybe would have lived more, but the suicide is the thing that makes me sad. Yesteday, August 11 2014, he died of asphyxia.

In the last years he was abusing drugs and alcohol and that has brought him to his collapse. Too bad. He was one of the actors of my childhood and one that would cheer me up with his movies.

As a side note, a lot of money will be made with Robin Williams special edition DVDs and all that crap. Death seems more profitable in certain circumstances.

Bye, Robin Williams.

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Cool: Star Trek stabilized

What happens when the ships in Star Trek fight in space? Their teams simply jump here and there in the control rooms like crazy. But that is only true for the cameras, as the actors are simply faking any such jumps.

Great idea to see Star Trek stabilized :d

Via Presurfer.

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Watch this drone fly through fireworks!

Michael Bay, step aside, please. This guy, Jos Stiglingh, used a drone to fly it through the fireworks. The drone is safe, but it brought back a great video that racket up to 8 million views in less than a week. They used a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver.

Only in the movies of Michael Bay you will see such grandeur in the explosions and near calls. Well done, guys!



Super Dingo is back and he fights zombies now [interactive]

Super Dingo is back on TehGeekTive. Honestly, when Super Dingo first showed its face here, it was the WTF of the day, but it also has a funny side to it. You get used to the exaggerations and the sillyness. It gets cozy with them after a while.

Now you get to play the videos in an interactive manner. choose the course of the action in the fight against zombies and see what happens.

Have fun.

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Star Wars Documentary: From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (Part 8 of 9)

In the 8th part of the Star Wars documentary we learn how hard it was to create a new language, the language of the ewok and that the final battle of the ewoks vs The Empire was supposed to be a battle between the whookies and The Empire.

George Lucas explained once again that the special effects had to make use to toys and figurines with studio sets to make the film a reality. Incredible as the movie is, most of the action and the space fighting was done using stop motion movies and a ton of toys.

Well done, George Lucas, well done!

Check more on TAG Star Wars Documentary.

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Could Godzilla exist?

Based on the research done by Vsauce 3 not, but it is an interesting exercise of thought. Godzilla is about 108 meters tall, by far the largest monster ever envisioned, and weighs 90 000 tons. Could Godzilla exist?

It would need 250 million calories a day to live and it would need to eat about 1950 humans a day to cover the energy needs. Godzilla could not exist because gravity would kill it under its own weight. So, yeah, Godzilla has its own place only: in the movies.