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Investing in science pays off thousands of times

I had a short talk a couple of months ago, on June 21st 2015, in BraČ™ov, Romania, about science and secular humanism. I argued that science gave us mobile phones and television and some kids from the last line started laughing: “how could science give us TVs”? Well, how could it? Did you know that […]

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Learn about lasers

MIT has a comprehensive course about lasers in three parts in here. Of course, the course might seem daunting but it goes into the depths of physics and optics to explain you how a laser works and how to obtain it. Lasers are obtained when you get a chain reaction in an object like a […]

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Mind bending game: a slower speed of light from MIT Game Lab

MIT Game Lab has the purpose to create games that promote technology and science in a fun way. In A Slower Speed of Light they created a game where you have to collect sphere and, after you collect enough such spheres, you will see a different light around you because you will be moving close […]

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